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Our Policy on Comments

Your first name, last name, and email address (preferably an address) are required to post comments on NYU Local (aka Local For Life LLC). All comments posted anonymously or under obvious aliases will be deleted. If you impersonate someone, it’s not like we can tell, but honestly humans are weird and do stuff like call the cops when that happens. We don’t like subpoenas or people who make us deal with them.

This policy is enacted on NYU Local for the same reason the Signature was invented. Anonymity is the fastest way to turn an otherwise sane person into a snide, poor, and inflammatory Gawker. Even still, we won’t allow obviously offensive comments.

Also, we won’t remove your comment unless it’s an extreme circumstance, so use discretion if you’re going to say something you’ll regret when you graduate.

We are looking into more advanced ways to ensure authenticity, but right now, your full name and email address are what will make all the difference.