Local Stops: Matt Harvey’s Finger And Tomas Hertl’s Minions

Complex sat down with Big Body Bes, Action Bronson’s Albanian cousin, for an insane interview that goes from stories about selling crushed up Alka Seltzer to kids on St. Marks and Biblical references.

It’s the NHL playoffs so of course two hockey writers made a song about fighting to the tune of ‘Iris.’

Matt Harvey tweeted a picture of himself giving the middle finger, then deleted his entire Twitter account. Your 2014 New York Mets, folks.

Tomas Hertl is a 20-year-old Czech player on the San Jose Sharks. This week he took his first trip to Dave & Busters and  went back by himself the next day to win some stuffed Despicable Me minions.

Photo of the Day by Caleb Savage.

Four New Social Media Apps You Can Start Using Before Your Friends

Let’s face it: the social media landscape is pretty boring. Aren’t we all tired of seeing grandma’s low-resolution inspirational graphics on our Facebook feeds? Don’t we all feel that irrational rage when we see parody accounts retweeted? There’s got to be something else out there to stimulate our senses!

Well aren’t you in luck? There is! Here’s a breakdown of four new social media apps on which you can waste the rest of your life when 2048 gets boring.

1. Geek Chat:

Are you quirky? Join Geek Chat! Here’s from the app’s description: Read more…

Get Your Fashion Fix With These On-Campus Classes And Clubs

While NYU has been ranked one of the top ten schools for fashion (and is clearly one of the best dressed) many people find it difficult to become involved in the fashion industry on campus. It is common for students to find internships in the business, since we are in one of the fashion capitals of the world, but the ways one can become involved with fashion here at NYU are less obvious.

Just because NYU isn’t a fashion school doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to learn about the field and meet people with similar interests. We found five different ways that students can make their experience more fashionable both in and out of the classroom. Read more…

NYU Students Take Part In Hijab-a-thon For Islamic Awareness Month

On the day Madeline Dolgin wore a hijab to class, she sat in her usual seat. A friend walked towards her, hesitated, then went to sit in a different row. “I just wasn’t recognizable,” Madeline said. She got up, followed her friend, and self-consciously launched into an explanation: The Gallatin sophomore was one of over thirty students who pledged to spend at least a day wearing a hijab.

“We wanted them to be able to walk in the shoes of the hijabi just for a day or two and notice what kind of positive and negative feedback they got,” said Shaniah Stewart, the College of Arts and Science sophomore who organized the hijab-a-thon as part of Islamic Awareness month. The hijab is a headscarf worn by Muslim women as an expression of modesty.

Sana Mayat, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, noticed that the hijab put her Muslim identity in plain view. Like many Muslim women, she doesn’t usually wear a hijab, but she decided to give it a try during the hijab-a-thon. “For the first time, I was being seen as a Muslim first,” she said. “That’s what people would see when they first saw me.” Read more…

Only YOU Can Prevent Bobst Smokers (If You Apply For This Weird On-Campus Job)

Are you looking for a job? Do you have strong opinions about people smoking outside Bobst? Are you an all-star “interacter”?

NYU might have the just the career opening for you.

Earlier this month, NYU posted a listing on its CareerNet site, advertising for a student worker at Bobst Library. The student would be responsible for approaching the people smoking under Bobst’s recessed entrance, and asking them to move at least 15 feet away from the building.

We’re not volunteering (this job sounds too much like my short-lived career as a fifth-grade hall monitor), but if you’re ready to take on the surly masses of Bobst Smokers, check out the entire listing below: Read more…

Local Stops: Internet Teenagers, Jesus, Flume, And AMERICA

That thing in New York Magazine on internet celebrity makes us feel some toxic combination of alienation, self-righteousness, poorly defined nostalgia and a smattering of annoyance. Do we feel OLD?? Is this how Alex Balk feels always? Does it just get worse from here, wherein life becomes a treadmill attempt to justify our own irrelevance through post-hoc canonization and overzealous grouchiness? Is the only salvation the silent grave? We might need to Logan’s Run this. NYU Local is over. Hail attractive annoying teenagers. They can inherit our WordPress. They can have our Twitter. We fade into the mist, like old wizards returning to green western lands. (This guy’s kinda great though.)

In addition to being Hitler’s birthday, an arbitrary cannabis appreciation holiday, and the interminable back end of Passover, yesterday was also Easter. At a Red Wings game (hockey, you plebeians, GOSH), Jesus showed up. He took selfies. Jesus can kick it.

Editor Claire talked to Australian electronic producer Flume last night. He’s a cutie. He’s a Serious Creator of Powerful Art and yeah he’s really cute, SORRY!

President Barack Obama: peacemaker, warmonger, hewer of drone warfare and funny faces.

The Boston Marathon happened today. An American won for the first time in 31 years! Let’s take this time to indulge in a little American supremacy chest-beating. Everyone loves that! U-S-A! Suck it, other countries!


NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Writing Petition Against Trustee

Who said no one pays attention to petitions?

NYU Law students Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner were issued subpoenas for their private emails over spring break, after they wrote and circulated a petition against NYU Law trustee Daniel Straus. The petition, delivered to NYU’s Law Dean, was a protest of alleged labor law violations at Straus’s company Care One Management. But when Herrine and Gertner delivered the petition, they were served subpoenas at their homes, demanding that they turn over all private communications relevant to Care One Management.

“Since being served with the subpoenas, Leo and Luke have been forced to curtail their private communications with friends, family, professors, and colleagues for fear of expressing an opinion or misstating a fact that might draw them further into the litigation process,” a representative for the subpoenaed law students told NYU Local in an email. The demands for the students’ information were issued by Care One Management, pursuant to an ongoing civil lawsuit by the company against its workers union.

Now, instead of studying for finals, the first and second-year law students are preparing for a court battle. Fortunately, Herrine and Gertner are not alone. NYU Law alum John Cuti signed on as the students’ attorney, while administrators at NYU Law agreed to cover the students’ legal fees. Other students and faculty members have also thrown their support behind Herrine and Gertner, drafting a new petition demanding that the subpoenas be withdrawn. Read more…

Getting Up Close And Personal With John Sexton’s LEGS

On a recent Saturday morning, I went for a walk around campus with John Sexton and his dog LEGS.

It was a brilliant morning — bright and clear, the beginning of what would become a sunny week. Washington Square Park was full of the usual suspects: parents and toddlers, joggers, and the chess players who hang out at the corners of the park. There were purple and white balloons everywhere, serving as guides for prospective NYU students and their parents as they made their way around our loosely-formed campus.

I met Sexton and LEGS outside Sexton’s apartment building on the west side of the park. I was greeted with a hug from the president, and a face-licking from his dog, who was eager to meet his new acquaintance.

LEGS is small and compact, with closely-cropped grayish white hair and a light blue collar. He’s an exceptionally friendly creature; the only things he barks at, Sexton told me, are the big dogs he sometimes encounters on walks. “He’s got a wonderfully generous personality,” he said. “With grandchildren, that becomes very important. He wouldn’t bite you at all. They play with him, they poke him.” Read more…

TEDxNYU Presented The School’s “Modern Mavericks”

On Saturday afternoon, Kimmel’s Rosenthal Pavilion heard a series of fascinating talks during TEDxNYU’s “Modern Mavericks” conference. The event invited 14 of our university’s most brilliant minds to spread their wisdom in this gorgeous room overlooking the uptown skyline. The program, which included speeches from President John Sexton as well as a current undergraduate student, offered a glimpse into some of the most interesting work and research that goes on at NYU.

The event was planned by TEDxNYU, an organization of students who work completely independent from the larger TED organization (hence the “x”). They did an awesome job: guests were treated to free Mamoun’s and Insomnia cookies, and even received TED-themed gift bags after the last talk.

In addition to the 100-person audience, the talks were live-streamed to groups who tuned in from NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi. TEDxNYU encouraged listeners to discuss the speakers’ ideas over social media, and tweets came in from all over the world.

The talks were separated into three categories: “seek,” “discover,” and “speak.” Read more…

Local Stops: Pat Kiernan, Pizza Cakes, And God Damnit NY Times Real Estate Section

- In the latest installment of GOD DAMMIT NY TIMES: (Related: GOD DAMMIT NEW YORK).


- In the words of City Editor Kelly Weill: “This might make me give up my veganism.”

- A look into news anchor, New Yorker, and all around badass Pat Kiernan’s 15-hour workday.

- The White House fox (and no, it’s not Joe Biden).

Photo of the Day by Rishi Bandopadhay