Windows 10, Coming To A Mac Near You

By Atalie Gimmel


It’s no secret that Apple is basically running the game . Although you need to keep in mind that both Microsoft and the Big Mac make serious dough, they’re competitors, and in the eyes of a lot of consumers (mostly millennials and working individuals) Apple is just the plain ol’ go-to product. Coming from someone that started their love of all things tech with endless hours of Rollercoaster Tycoon on my first PC, it’s sort of disappointing to see the grandfather of data computing lose its “cool” factor but, in the wake of a new update, Microsoft is promising to restore its trend-setting reputation.

Basically, in the words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows.”

Ah, we can all dream, can’t we?

On January 21, 2015, at the software’s launch event, Windows Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson shared with the world that Windows would be offering an update. The last time we saw an update (from Windows 7 to 8) we were left wanting, and that was no surprise as the updates even before then seemed to be lacking (remember Windows ME to XP and then Vista to 7). Windows 10’s “next generation software” a.k.a. Spartan is supposedly meant to blow all other internet softwares out of the water, and is the main selling point of this update — of course, along with the promise that Windows 10 will be achievable through all your devices. If Windows 10 is actually compatible with your PC, desktop, tablet, phone, etc. that not only allows for people to seamlessly work between platforms, but it also knocks out the competition (goodbye iPhone and Macbook). The O.G. of tech, Internet Explorer is officially getting some work done, and we totally approve of that life choice.

So, in true Local fashion, I have decided to embark on the journey of testing the new software. Via Parallels I was able to install a preview of this update; my Mac was temporarily transformed into a PC, and although by the end of it I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of switching, I have to give Windows mad respect for what’s being done. Take a look.

  1. It was “Getting Ready” for 27 minutes, which (for me, an upside) allowed me to fully enjoy the latest City of the Sun mixtape, but also… allowed me to fully enjoy a mixtape. This could be because of collateral wait time from downloading a preview of a very complicated system or even because of my own computer, which has been through academia hell and back, but either way it wasn’t a great start to this experiment. (We cleverly took a picture of a Mac using Windows so you could see what a Mac using Windows looks like, and it looks weird.)
  1. Once on, I was immediately taken back to 2007 with the preinstalled National Geographic-worthy desktop image. Nostalgia obviously directed me to “Paint.” The drawing program is basically the same, the quality of my work also sharing a stagnant characteristic, but nonetheless I was excited to move forward in the preview.
  1. Next to the programs tab, you’ll find an “Ask me anything” type box which introduces itself: “I’m Cortona, your Super Assistant. (No Cape Required.)” I indulged this hefty proclamation and proactively searched “top Spring break destinations.” Basically, this was a shortcut to clicking on the actual Internet Explorer icon because Cortona’s response was to direct me to the IE results for my request (if anyone’s wondering, it’s still somewhere sunny and warm). Aside from general life questions, you can also ask Cortona to search your PC for something specific. From doing this I discovered Task Scheduler which looks pretty cool because you can assign tasks to your computer for later times. Cortona proved to be very knowledgable, “it” found top stories for me in the New York area (not that I remember giving it access to my location) and automatically gave me weather advisories (my inspiration for the spring break inquiry).
  2. Since Cortona led me there, my next stop was the Internet Explorer. I was a little lost as the homepage is automatically Bing but I rolled with it. Everything was pretty basic in the smooth-running category, and the Microsoft homepage offered an icon for twitter so my millennial side agreed with the added touch.

To see a play-by-play version of all of Microsoft 10’s glory, check out this preview run by Lifehacker:

Overall, I would say I’m not wowed but in the grand scheme of things I really am excited for Windows’ big step. The company itself is proactively finding a way to deal with the competition, and a free update for your consumers is at least one right way to do that.

[image 1 via, images 2 and 3 by the author]