Tuesday Tracks: Shay Lia — “Blue”

“You’re not, you’re not, here with me/I’m having all that you’ve envisioned for me/Still I’m lonely”

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Produced by Montreal’s Kaytranada and Ontario’s BadBadNotGood, Shay Lia’s newest single is a soulful representation of Canadian contemporary music. Opening with Katrya’s signature synths — somehow both crisp and sultry, “Blue” is an ode to loneliness and heartbreak. BBNG’s classically trained sound dances effortlessly under Kaytranada’s synth-work, accentuating the smooth timbre of Lia’s vocals. The uptempo jazz drum and bass riffs counter Lia’s heartfelt melodies, dampening Lia’s vocables slightly, to create a well-balanced R&B track. Her gently nasal vocals, graceful falsetto, and wide vocal range, evoke feelings of longing and sadness, making “Blue” a great breakup or post-drama song.

If you’re feeling hurt, angry, or just need some easy listening, “Blue” is a cure-all for moodiness. Shay Lia’s voice is soothing, Kaytranda’s production is seamless as always, working perfectly alongside BadBadNotGood’s well-manicured sound. The swelling chords from Kaytranada’s synths weave around BBNG’s tinny snare and snappy bass, all highlighting Shay Lia’s melodic drawl. The track is bass-heavy, incredibly vibey, and a perfect escape from high-intensity NYC days.

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