The Easiest Guide to J-Term Ever

It’s super confusing. We get it.

1. Talk to your advisor. Not every program has classes during the January term, but if you’re looking for general education or liberal arts elective classes, chances are you’ll find some! J-Term offers an array of CAS classes that count for most majors’ general education requirements. So if you want to stay in the city and take an art history class, J-Term is the move for you.

2. Sign up for 4 credits, max. I tried really hard to register for 8 credits because I wanted to graduate a semester early but my advisor put the kibosh on that pretty quickly. The maximum amount of credits you can take during the J-Term is 4, and for good reason. You won’t get a lot out of your class time if you’re stressed out about taking 8 credits within a 3 week period time.

3. Pay by January 4th. It’s expensive, but if you’re trying to graduate early, double major or add a minor it might be worth your while.

4. Housing is easy. You can stay in your dorm! NYU doesn’t really tell you this, but you can stay in your dorm during the winter break without any additional costs. All you have to do is deal with your meal plan. Some dining halls are open during January for limited hours, so if you can live under those constraints, it’s perfect.

You did it! You’re staying in New York for the January term. Please take care of yourself! Don’t take too many classes. Make sure you drink enough water, get enough rest and enjoy your winter in the city!