Racist Graffiti Found in NYU Library

“Hasta Luego Dreamers” was written in Bobst for the second time this semester

“Hasta Luego Dreamers,” found in the Lower Level 1 men’s restroom.

For the second time this semester, an NYU student discovered racist graffiti in Bobst Library. The student noticed the graffiti, which read “Hasta Luego Dreamers,” in a lower level bathroom Saturday night.

The student that found the message, who wished to remain anonymous, was appalled by the sentiment directed towards DREAMers. “It angered me. I was really upset,” he said. “The fact that people could have these beliefs in 2017 is not acceptable.”

He believes that NYU can improve on addressing what he characterizes as blatant intimidation tactics against undocumented and minority students.

“There needs to be more education,” he added. “I feel like a lot of people on campus are not educated about issues facing undocumented students — how there is no pathway to citizenship, how many DREAMers don’t have a choice to begin with.”

NYU Dream Team, an activist group that advocates on behalf of undocumented students, is deeply upset by the racist graffiti in Bobst that once again targeted DACA recipients. The group is also displeased by the university’s previous response, or lack thereof, to the prior graffiti incident on campus.

“Last time this happened, last month, NYU made a deliberate choice to ignore it and not respond to it,” NYU Dream Team’s statement read. “We’re demanding that NYU rectify this mistake in this situation and publicly address and condemn this act and furthermore announce an investigation and update the community with results, with complete transparency.”

Because this message was written in Spanish, NYU Dream Team regards it as an attack on the Latino community, labeling the graffiti “an ethnically motivated example of hate speech.”

In the coming weeks, NYU Dream Team seeks to use this incident to gather their community and the NYU community together to heal and to demonstrate that they are willing to mobilize in support of undocumented students.

NYU Dream Team also hopes to dissuade those who think that the graffiti is of minimal importance. “To those who want to dismiss this as just bathroom graffiti, we have two things to say,” they wrote. “First, there’s a reason that organizations and NYU advertise in the LL1 bathroom. There’s a high volume of traffic there. Secondly, it’s one of the only high visibility areas on campus where a perpetrator knows there won’t be video surveillance.”

“If NYU wants to fully commit to its recorded principles of diversity and inclusion,” the statement continued, “that includes openly and publicly condemning this act.”

NYU Dream Team’s statement can be found below.

On Saturday, November 18th, graffiti reading “Hasta Luego Dreamers” was again found in New York University’s Bobst Library. This is the second time in a month that an incident like this has occurred. NYU Dream Team condemns this cowardly act of bigotry and the recent increased hate speech on campus in the strongest possible terms.
The last time an incident like this occurred, NYU ignored it — sending no statement to the community at-large and instead criticizing the rally held in response by NYU Dream Team and a coalition of sixteen other student organizations. We’re calling on NYU to rectify this mistake by publicly addressing and condemning this incident and also announcing an investigation of the incident and updating the community with its results. Moreover, the fact that the message was written in Spanish indicates that this was a direct attack to the Latine community, and it should be responded to as the ethnically-motivated hate speech it is. Whether this is the same person who wrote the graffiti in October or a copycat, NYU needs to commit to its purported principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and send the message that hatred and intimidation will not be tolerated on this campus.
In response to these incidents, we will be using the platform of our event Contra Cuentos (Counter-Narratives) on Thursday, November 30th as a way to respond to bigotry with community-building, love for one another, and a celebration of undocumented artists’ voices and different narratives. During the event, NYU Dream Team will reiterate our commitment to fighting on the frontlines for the rights and safety of undocumented students and the undocumented community at large.
Further, whether it’s a rally or the space we create in our general meetings, we want to make it clear to undocumented students that there is a community at NYU that supports you. We encourage those who are directly affected by this attack to reach out to the Wellness Center, LUCHA, NYU DREAM Team, Mexsa, and other student organizations that serve affected communities.
-In Solidarity,
NYU Dream Team