NYU Spokesperson Responds to UCATS Negotiations

Photo via http://ucats3882.org/

On Thursday, NYU Local reported that UCATS had undergone their tenth bargaining session with the administration and were dissatisfied with the process so far. According to UCATS, the administration had not responded to their wage proposal or offered a new one.

NYU spokesperson John Beckman responded to Local’s story on Friday, writing that “although it is the University’s position that the crucial place for bargaining to take place is at the bargaining table and not through the media, there are some incorrect assertions that need to be corrected.”

According to Beckman, the administration had presented UCATS “with 11 proposals since the start of bargaining in mid-September,” including proposals on parental leave and scheduling flexibility.

Beckman also argues that UCATS waited too long to submit their wage proposal, which has caused the delay in the administration’s response. “The union waited a month after the beginning of bargaining to submit a wage proposal; in many negotiations, the wage proposal comes much earlier,” Beckman writes. “You would have to ask them about why they waited a month and several bargaining sessions before presenting that proposal.”

The administration’s response to the wage proposal, according to Beckman, will be coming soon. “The University needed some time to analyze that proposal, and expects to respond to it very soon in a bargaining session.”

At the end of the email, Beckman restates the importance of negotiations happening at the bargaining table.

“The University’s goal remains unchanged: to receive a good and fair contract that honors the contributions of the members of this bargaining unit,” his response reads. “That will only happen at the bargaining table; we hope the union will direct its efforts there.”