Meet Our 2016 Welcome Week Diarists

By NYU Local Staff

Welcome Week is upon us. This year, NYU Local has picked five incoming freshmen to follow through their first week at NYU. Every day we’ll be posting their diaries, a snapshot of the weird, wild, and sometimes insanely boring experiences we all had during orientation. Today, our diarists introduce themselves.

Check back here every day to make sure none of them got alcohol poisoning.



Patricia, Patty, call me what you will. I’m a Chicago suburbanite who has seen too much corn and not enough topography. Luckily, for a small loan of 72k, I’ve been promised fewer produce fields and more interesting scenery and possibly a degree in acting.

This summer, I’ve done some hard-core adulting. I spend my days working out at the gym, going on Target runs for college supplies, making my own lunch, and putting off my actual responsibilities by binge-watching Star Trek reruns. My mom is teaching me how to make my favorite foods in the microwave (specifically rice, because Puerto Ricans can’t live without rice).

I am five-foot-one, one hundred eight pounds of pure cluelessness. I’m moving to the city that never stops moving, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the dregs at the bottom of the melting pot stew. But no worries! Join me on my crazy adventure. Together we can drink too much coffee, join interest groups we have no interest in, get lost on the subway, waste all our money at thrift stores, and cry because we couldn’t bring our sandwich toaster with us to college. You can learn all about my unusual love of hot sauce, my allergies to mainstream music, my adventures being the drumline mom of my high school, and my teenage-angst-filled spoken word poetry. In exchange, you can tell me all about how where you live is cooler than where I live, show me pictures of your two dogs and one cat, and recount your embarrassing experience of being drunk in public.

We’re basically best friends now!

And in between all the hard-core adulting moments, I might learn that I’m still a child at heart, skipping down the streets in concrete-colored Converse shoes, forgetting to look both ways, laughing too much, eating too fast, and writing too romantically.



Once upon a time, I fantasized about living in a city, taking sunset walks by a river, tea in one hand and a small purse-sized dog in the other. I mean, this was before I got a “We are sorry to notify you that your application has been *R*E*J*E*C*T*E*D*” email from Columbia University, but a pearl of wisdom I bequeath upon you is that blessings come in all shapes and sizes, even if it’s you crying all night while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on loop.

On a (barely) less depressing note, I’m representing ye old Levittown, Pennsylvania. I grew up living the classic American dream: I played football after school with my pals, enjoyed annual 4th of July barbecues, and dined from a plethora of fast food restaurants.

In retrospect, I believe I lived a mediocre life. Sure, I made lots of friends and memories, but I hunger for a life of color besides the same red, white, and blue that became ingrained into my youth.

I ultimately chose NYU violet to be that color. NYU’s emphasis on doing things (with how much we’re all paying, it’s a literal waste to spend a single second doing nothing) and dedication to squeeze every bit of life out of us (commonly referred to as using Albert) are what I love about NYU. Everyday is a struggle to accomplish greatness because there’s so much to do, but not nearly enough time to do it all.

What I will be doing, though, is studying at the College of Arts & Sciences in pursuit of a Biology degree, searching for a place to walk with a cup of tea and purse-sized dog, and making cringe-inducing puns. I will also try to make new friends, but if anyone feels enough pity to initiate a friendship, feel free to do so by following me @chosungwuk on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat.

In the wise words of modern philosopher DJ Khaled, “We da best.”

See ya around WSP. Watch out for the 40 pound rats on the subway.



Hi! I’m Nicky. I love guacamole, dancing in public, and Tom Hanks.

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. As it turns out, I’m super allergic to pretty much all animals. So, yeah, I was devastated. However, I just received a time-capsule letter from middle school in which I wrote that I wanted to go to NYU to study “acting or something.” This year, I’ll be studying Drama at Tisch in the musical theatre program. Congrats, lil’ baby me, it all worked out in the end.

Growing up, I’d always secretly wanted to enter college as a totally different person, à la Victoria Justice’s character, Lola, in Zoey 101. At the time it was especially appealing because middle-school-me so desperately wanted to be in a band (or to just look like I did). Now that I’ve finally arrived at the point of my life where I’m leaving for college, I’m actually pretty confident in who I am. Also, reinventing myself into a voodoo-practicing goth seems tedious. Needless to say, I will not be creating an alter ego any time soon.

I come from good ol’ suburban South Jersey. My town is known for delicious tomatoes and a ferocious community of lacrosse-moms. It’s not a particularly exciting place, but I enjoyed growing up here. That being said, the fact that I’ll be spending my college years in Manhattan is definitely a dream come true. Lil’ baby me did pretty well.

So here I am, NYU. I’m a theatre-loving, ex-punk-rock-wannabe. I look forward to spending my years here seeing Broadway shows, going to concerts, and stalking Lady Gaga. I hope that my first week here is either exciting or embarrassing enough to provide some entertaining stories.



I usually like to introduce myself by reciting the infamous Chief Keef “Love Sosa” introduction because every young person finds that amusing, but I’ve decided to go a more traditional route.

Hiya, I’m Kima. I live in South Carolina, the state where racism thrives, where the KKK has regular gatherings outside of the state house, and where you can find a Chick-fil-A, Bojangles, Popeyes, and Church’s all on the same street. I’m originally from London (I moved to the US when I was nine) so you won’t hear me asking about sweet tea or saying “y’all.”

I was the student body president, editor in chief of the newspaper, and was a member of basically every community service organization in high school. I vowed to myself that I would not get as involved in college but look at me now. I’m writing for NYU Local before classes have even started.

In my spare time, I enjoy finessing, flexing, and copping clothes, reading books that make people in South Carolina uncomfortable (currently finishing up “How To Make A Negro Christian” by Kamau Makesi-Tehuti), and listening to music. A major hobby of mine used to be waiting for Frank Ocean to drop his album, but the man finally came through. I like to think I am woke so you’ll hear me regularly discussing topics such as Black Lives Matter, feminism, Arthur memes, Harambe, “it’s a knife,” etc.

I hope to give you a glance into my weird Welcome Week experience. If you see me around campus, feel free to stop me and roast me, talk to me about any of my aforementioned interests, or debate the quality of Views because that album was so trash. I’m a music performance major but I am hoping to change my major to something more marketable next year.



I’m Ianna (Ya-nuh) and I’m still not convinced college is actually starting soon. But I guess I’ll play along. I’m in Stern for marketing or finance (check back in at the end of sophomore year and I’ll have a concrete answer) and I like s’mores, dogs, roller coasters, books, and eating.

I’m from the little-known town of Parsippany, New Jersey, about 40 minutes away from the city on a good day. It’s close enough to spontaneously take the bus into Manhattan, but far enough to be considered an “uncool suburb.” In Parsippany, the only somewhat-entertaining activities to do are going to the mall or watching a movie… and if you’re feeling adventurous, you might hit up the local Applebee’s. Needless to say, I’m ready to experience the excitement that comes with living in NYC.

Other than meandering around the finest Parsippany shopping centers, I spend my time doing competitive classical piano, watching movies, getting froyo on my way to the gym, procrastinating all of my responsibilities, and listening to music (everything except country and screamo, no disrespect). I’m excited to kick off these next four years with a lit Welcome Week. Be prepared for good, bad, embarrassing, stupid, and freaking weird stories about my experience. NYC ain’t ready for me.

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