Local Goes Back in Time to Hook Up With Their Faves

If only we were just a little bit older…

Time travel: everyone has a fantasy purpose for it. Some people want to go back to relive the ’20s or visit Ancient Greece or kill baby Hitler. But what if you could use time travel for something else? Namely, going back to hook up with a celeb in their prime. We asked the team at Local to share who they would go back in time for. Here’s what they said:

Téa Kvetenadze, Staff Writer:

“easy. robert redford circa 1969.”

Camille Larkins, Staff Writer:

“james franco when he was not rly gross, like peak freaks and geeks cuteness. he was also like 21 even tho he was playing a high schooler IDK is that weird. also maybe houdini? i feel like that would be wild.”

Graham Dunn, Staff Writer:

“So maybe a very vanilla answer, but I’ve had a celebrity crush on Ann-Margret in Bye Bye Birdie for years. She’s beautiful obviously but she also has a really weird energy in that movie that has always interested me.”

Sophie Bramnick, Staff Writer:

“Daniel Radcliffe, I️ have such a lady boner for Harry Potter (Graham: you would go back in time and hook up with a YOUNG Daniel Radcliffe? Like when he was on Harry Potter playing a child?) I’d go back in time to half blood prince I️ think, his hair was the best when they filmed that movie I️ think he was like 20 or 21 (Graham: I can’t believe Sophie is a pedophile) goodbye.”

Sara Merg, Staff Writer:

“90’s winona ryder.”

Elli Hu, Staff Writer:

“i’d hookup w Angel/Buffy era David Boreanaz.”

Ali Golub, Staff Writer:

“I’ve spent all weekend thinking about this and I still can’t narrow it down to one: Indiana-Jones era Harrison Ford, young Paul Newman, young Leo, young Matthew Perry, and this year of Warren Beatty. Also I have a thing for Anthony Perkins (aka Norman Bates) in Psycho, is that really weird?”

Arimeta Diop, On Campus Editor:

“i’d go back to hookup w janet jackson.”

Izzie Ramirez, City Editor:

“David Duchovny circa season one of the x files need I say more.”

Libby Torres, City Editor:

“I would go back in time to fuck a young Che Guevara. But only as portrayed by mi amor Gael García Bernal in diarios de motocicleta.” (Izzie: “I second Libby”)

Ben Brachfeld, National Editor:

“Helen of Troy, to see what the big deal was.”

Madison Murray, Entertainment Editor:

“River Phoenix because he was beautiful and pretentious and exactly my type. He died outside of The Viper Room which is also pretty cool.”

Zoe Haylock, Entertainment Editor:

“literally ignore bc i’m so late, but Young Barack Obama and instead of hooking up, it’s like we date steadily and I become Michelle Obama. it took me 3 days to come up with that”

Opheli Garcia Lawler, Co-EIC:

“okay this year of Marlon Brando’s appearance, this year of Benicio Del Toro’s appearance, Denzel, YOUNG ROBERT REDFORD, and young benjamin bratt.”