Karlie Kloss Is The Latest Violet Celeb

By Matthew Lavietes


It’s no secret that NYU is known for enrolling some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities — usually in pairs (shout out to the Sprouse bros). Most recently, the NYU admissions committee has chosen yet another pair to add to list of the celebrity alum, but this time it’s not the kind of pair we’re all thinking of. This coming fall, Victoria’s Secret Angel and international supermodel Karlie Kloss will be ditching her pair of wings and hitting the books as she begins her undergraduate career at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Studies. That’s right; NYU just snagged itself yet another celeb, but now our very first Angel!

After modeling full-time from the young age of 14, Karlie has decided take some time away from her career to pursue her own individualized education. The now-former Victoria’s Secret model still plans to continue her modeling career while a student at NYU, but the 22-year-old concluded that there’s just not enough Karlie in this world to balance the life as both student and Angel. An inside source revealed to People magazine:

“Karlie is stepping down from her Angel duties. She’s got a busy but exciting year ahead and the decision came down to timing. She’ll be focusing on her modeling career, new business opportunities and NYU starting in the fall.”

Not only has Karlie spent her successful career as one of Victoria’s Secret’s most successful supermodels, but throughout her time modeling Karlie has been the face of some of the fashion industry’s biggest campaigns, including Marc Jacob’s fragrance Lola and Bulgari’s Omnia Jade fragrance, Kate Spade New York, L’Oreal Paris, Pringle, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Karlie has also appeared on the cover of Vogue several times, most recently with BFF and rumored lover (who isn’t these days?) Taylor Swift, for this upcoming month’s issue. To just say that Karlie Kloss is a successful model would simply be an understatement.

Her accomplishments aside, the question as to whether or not her and other celebrities’ success in their fields of expertise should write each of them a pass for gaining an NYU acceptance letter is still relevant. NYU’s class of 2019 received over 60,000 applicants (our highest ever!), setting the bar even higher for hard working students worldwide. We have no idea which factors the admissions office took into account with Karlie’s acceptance (her rec letter from former supermodel and Gallatin grad Christy Turlington Burns couldn’t hurt!), but we can all agree that her success as an international supermodel alone shouldn’t qualify her as an easy-in to one of the nation’s most prestigious and competitive universities.

What also raises cause for debate is whether or not Karlie’s presence will have a large impact on the life of a typical NYU student. Sure, running into a celeb on the street is exciting (even if it’s Alec Baldwin. We get it, you’re “a human too!”), but is getting a selfie with your fave celeb worth dealing with the possibility of passing daily the swarms of hawk-like paparazzi that are bound to follow? Not that the Olsen twins weren’t awesome or anything, but I don’t think they brought on the attention NYU’s campus is now bound to expect with the arrival of Karlie Kloss.

Whether or not you’re for or against her arrival, you can’t deny the admissions office for bringing NYU one step closer to scoring an exclusive concert from NYU’s new bestie by association, the one and only, Taylor Swift.

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