Graffiti Artist Space Invader Has Landed In The East Village

By Kate Fustich


Have you been seeing aliens on your way to school recently? If so, it’s possible that the stress of finals isn’t making you hallucinate! For the last month, world-famous street artist Space Invader has been bringing his classic tiled creations to the East Village.

According to Space Invader’s official website, 42 new pieces were added to his already-sizable NYC collection. “This is the most accomplished Invasion ever undertaken in this city,” he says. The new pieces are a combination of Space Invader classics, as well as tributes to New York City icons like Andy Warhol, The Ramones, Lou Reed, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (tiled above a pizza parlor, of course).

His invasion was announced in The New York Times on November 8. He discussed the difficulty of working in New York City, and the threat of possible police action. Rather than work on a canvas of his choosing (as he does in his home of Paris) Space Invader launched a call to building owners via his Instagram, asking for places to put up his mosaics.

Judging by a recent Instagram post, not all of his work went so smoothly. A picture of a man (presumably Invader himself) being taken away in handcuffs was captioned “It is awesome how NYPD appreciates my work. Each time I go to NYC they offer me a free drive in the city + a free room with food included and some nice roommates… Thank you #NYPD.”

Space Invader has been operating since the mid-90’s, but has become a household name in recent years. His work was prominently featured in the 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, which was produced by fellow street artist Banksy, and garnered critical acclaim. Space Invader’s “residency” is reminiscent of Banksy’s October 2014 conquest of New York City, where he added a new piece to the New York City canvas every day for a month.

Like many other graffiti artists, Space Invader chooses to keep his “real” identity completely anonymous. His work, however, is instantly recognizable.

Though Space Invader’s pieces have popped up in Bushwick, Greenpoint, and the Lower East Side, the majority of this “invasion” is concentrated in the East Village. Check out a few of the locations below:


[Image via author]