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Well, folks, we’re here. Tomorrow is the end of this two year long dumpster fire shitstorm tornado that we call the 2016 presidential election. It’s caused this nation a lot of anxiety and we will have a lot of mulling to do afterwards to find out exactly what the fuck just happened here, but through all the chaos, we must remember that we actually have to vote tomorrow for the next leader of the free world. And so, without further ado, I will skip shouting my opinion at you like I normally do and simply perform a service.

For any NYU student registered in New York State, here is a quick and easy way to double check whether you are registered. After that, you can look here to see where your polling place is in New York City. You can also type “My Polling Place” into Google and a widget will appear wherein you can enter the address you’re registered at and Google will provide you with your polling location.

If you’re registered in your dorm, I’ve gone to the trouble of finding out that information for you so you don’t have to look.

Alumni: Alumni Hall, 33 Third Ave

Brittany: Brittany Hall, 55 E 10th St

Broome St: PS 130, 143 Baxter St

Carlyle: Clinton School for Writers and Artists (wonder who they’ll be voting for, in the Clinton building), 10 E 15th St

Clark St (Brooklyn): Cadman Towers, 101 Clark St

Coral Tower: Palladium, 133 E 13th St

Founders: Palladium, 133 E 13th St

Goddard: PS 41, 116 W 11th St

Gramercy: Baruch College Vertical Campus, 55 Lexington Ave

Green House 7th St: JASA Community Center, 200 E 5th St

Greenwich Hall: City as School, 16 Clarkson St

Lafayette: Civil Court, 111 Centre St

Lipton: PS 41, 116 W 11th St

Othmer (Brooklyn): Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice, 283 Adams St

Palladium: U-Hall, 110 E 14th St (yeah, it’s weird given that Palladium is a polling location. I don’t make the rules!)

Rubin: Yeshiva University-Cardozo School of Law, 55 5th Ave

Second Street: Rafael Hernandez Houses, 189 Allen St

Senior House 13th St: PS 41, 116 W 11th St

Third North: Palladium, 133 E 13th St

U-Hall: U-Hall, 110 E 14th St

Weinstein: Brittany Hall, 55 E 10th St

Affinia Hotel: Fashion Institute of Technology, 298 7th Ave

So there you have it. You have no excuse to be lazy anymore and not exercise your right to vote. Whether you’re voting for Clinton, Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Deez Nuts, or Harambe, you have a civic duty as a citizen of this country to participate in this election. It’ll all be over soon.

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