Friday Fuck Jam: Dimond Saints ft. Yaarrohs — IDGAF

If you’re anything like me, and this week has been a true pile of shit, you’ll appreciate this week’s Friday Fuck Jam. Not only is it starting to get freezing in our beautiful city, we’re also in the thick of midterms and other NYU Fuckery. With this in mind, you need to hear “IDGAF” by Dimond Saints ft. Yaarrohs. This fuck jam is not necessarily the best for sex, but is perfect for wrapping yourself in your softest blanket and passing the fuck out. However, if you wanted to have very slow and intense sex, with lots heavy breathing, you could potentially do it to this song.

“IDGAF” is produced by Dimond Saints, a faceless enigmatic electronic-duo. Their EP, “Prism in the Dark,” drops in its entirety this year. Based on the quality of the single, it looks like the EP is something to really look forward to. All of Dimond Saint’s music is on their SoundCloud, and in general, is comprised of thrumming bass-riffs with light melodics and drum claps. “IDGAF” is about the same, opening with gentle fluttering synths, backed by a simple and melodic bass progression. Yaarrohs soon chimes in, her voice resonating with clarity, calming the fiery angst burning in your soul. The drum clap is a perfect complement to the humming bass and synth, adding a little treble to an otherwise bass-heavy track. Despite the general-greatness of the track, the breakdown is undeniably, my favorite part. The clap strips away, replaced with a feather-light synth melody. The build back into the chorus introduces a swelling bass melody, with a little extra kick-drum alongside the original drum clap. “IDGAF” is a well-produced, multilayered track, with quality vocals and transition work. Dimond Saints’ single is good segue into a relaxing weekend, and a great way to say “fuck you” to a long and stressful week.

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