Fan Favorites Now Ruined by Sexual Misconduct Allegations

“House of Cards,” “Ignition (Remix),” and “Gossip Girl.” All three of these have one disgusting thing in common.

In light of the mass revelations coming out of Hollywood, it’s becoming harder to consume entertainment without critically thinking about the people behind the media we love.

We at Local applaud the courage of everyone that has and will come forward with information regarding notable people’s horrible behavior. It’s also important to note that most pieces of entertainment are a product of the hard work of many incredible, talented artists, which make it all the more unfortunate that their work may be adversely affected by the involvement of one or two awful people.

As a consumer of entertainment, what to do with the information coming forward is undefined. Can you separate the art you love from the people involved? It’s a pressing question with no easy answer. Nonetheless, your line is your own.

In the hopes to contribute to this conversation, we’ve decided to keep a constantly updated (and incomplete) list of our favorite content we feel has been made problematic by the involvement of people accused of sexual misconduct.

House of Cards

Why it was your favorite: The very first Netflix original series. Incredibly bingeable drama. Accumulated seven Emmy wins and 53 nominations over its five season run.

Who Ruined It: Kevin Spacey

Why it’s suddenly problematic: In the very first moment of the game changing Netflix series, Kevin Spacey explains his character’s worldview to the audience. “Everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.” Unfortunately, this show has now become a bitter reminder that we live in a country where our fictional president gets taken down for sexual harassment, while our actual president continues to be unscathed.

American Beauty

Why it was your favorite: Was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won five including Best Picture and Best Actor.

Who ruined it: Kevin Spacey

Why it’s suddenly problematic: It’s about a middle aged man who becomes fixated with his daughter’s under-aged best friend. Spacey, a known real-life creep, played the lead and won an Oscar for it. Yikes.

The Original X-Men Trilogy (X-Men, X-2, X-Men: The Last Stand)

Why it was your favorite: The first X-Men was pretty much the start of the modern superhero genre. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is still legendary.

Who ruined it: Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Three blockbuster movies across two directors, both of whom are dealing with sexual assault accusations. Not to mention, these movies are about a house of young men and woman watched over by an older man who can read their minds and invade their privacy.

The Usual Suspects

Why it was your favorite: Ends with one of the most unforgettable movie twists of all time.

Who ruined it: Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer

Why it’s suddenly problematic: The famous twist sees Spacey — directed by Singer — revealing his true, sinister character, then successfully evading law enforcement, never facing consequences for his criminal actions.

Gossip Girl

Why it was your favorite: Iconic CW series for tween and teens in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. Loved for its high fashion, New York City setting, dramatic plot twists, young adults behaving badly, and Blake Lively.

Who ruined it: Ed Westwick

Why It’s suddenly problematic: Westwick, who played the show’s socialite antagonist turned antihero Chuck Bass, has been accused of rape by actress Kristina Cohen. Gossip Girl’s literal introduction to Westwick’s character has Bass attempting to rape two female characters, Serena and Jenny. Six season’s later, the series ends with a happily ever after for Bass, even in the epilogue hosting Serena’s wedding. Gossip Girl’s redemption arc for Bass, and his status among fans as a troubled heartthrob, is extremely troublesome given the current allegations about actor.

Kramer v. Kramer

Why is was your favorite: Best Picture winner in 1979. If you’ve seen it, you cried at the end.

Who ruined it: Dustin Hoffman

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Watching Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep scream at each other to the point of tears is undeniably riveting drama. But knowing that Hoffman sexually assaulted Streep at an audition in 1970, their scenes of high personal conflict become hard to stomach in a different and real way.


Why it was your favorite: Classic Sydney Pollack film. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards. Presents a surprisingly mature and progressive take on gender relations given the film came out in ’82 and is a comedy about a man who dresses as woman.

Who ruined it: Dustin Hoffman

Why it’s suddenly problematic: It’s a frustrating experience to watch Dustin Hoffman act as a woman, knowing he himself was never able to understand the lessons his character, Michael Dorsey, learns on masculinity, kindness and the female experience. The scene where Terri Garr walks in on a naked Hoffman only for him to turn and say, “I want you,” has become particularly cringey.

Chasing Amy

Why it was your favorite: Probably the best Kevin Smith movie. The dialogue and characters are funny and naturalistic. It’s a landmark Indie.

Who ruined it: Ben Affleck

Why it’s suddenly problematic: The story revolves around Affleck (who’s groping of Hilarie Burton has since been brought to light) making continuously unwanted advances on Joey Lauren Adams.

Natural Born Killers

Why it was your favorite: It’s full of insane, frenzied, psychedelic ultra-violence. Woody Harrelson at his most nuts.

Who ruined it: Oliver Stone

Why it’s suddenly problematic: This is a movie about the relationship between sex and violence. What was once edgy and boundary pushing, is now concerning, considering the mind behind the film, director Oliver Stone, is currently dealing with accusations of sexual harassment.

Ignition (Remix)

Why it was your favorite: Defining R&B song of the early 2000’s. You definitely know all the lyrics.

Who ruined it: R. Kelly

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Multiple families have come forward with information that R. Kelly is recruiting and holding young woman in a sexual cult under the guise of musical mentor-ship. So, R. Kelly’s overtly sexual “Ignition (Remix)” can probably no longer be enjoyed as a fun party anthem. Considering the man, it’s just too gross of a listen.


Why it was your favorite: Nominated for 26 Emmy’s over eight seasons. Chock full of celebrity cameos. About that glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.

Who ruined it: Jeremy Piven

Why it’s suddenly problematic: At one point in the Entourage Movie (2015), Piven’s character turns and says to his crew “That’s what stars do: they walk into rooms and fuck girls that civilians want.” Let’s be honest, Entourage was always kind of problematic in how it treats women. But now, knowing how Jeremy Piven of Ari Gold fame acted when the cameras weren’t rolling, it has become even more so.

Pretty Much Every Woody Allen Movie Ever

Why it was your favorite: For starters, Annie Hall is truly one of the great American romantic comedies. Since then Allen has managed to create a list influential movies from Blue Jasmine, to Hannah and Her Sisters, to Midnight in Paris, all of which stand up in a vacuum.

Who ruined it: Woody Allen

Why it’s suddenly problematic: If you analyze Allen’s body of work closely, it’s hard not to pick up on the artist’s fixation with underage girls. Manhattan, one of Allen’s earliest acclaimed films, is literally about a middle aged man who starts dating a minor. Themes of older men dating younger girls runs throughout Allen’s filmography, appearing in, to name a few, Love and Death (1975), Stardust Memories (1980), Husbands and Wives (1992), Magic in the Moonlight (2014), and even his upcoming film Rainy Day in New York (2018) which is reported to depict “sexual flirtation between between an adult and a much younger girl.” Realizing this makes even the highest regarded Allen work a tough watch.


Why it was your favorite: An essential film with a perfectly paced mystery. Frequently listed as one of the greatest movies of all time. Nominated for 11 Oscars.

Who ruined it: Roman Polanski

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Director Roman Polanski is currently facing his 5th sexual abuse case. He currently lives in France to avoid sentencing. Chinatown heavily features an older man who committed incest with his underage daughter as part of the mystery.

Manchester By The Sea

Why it was your favorite: It’s a sad, honest, heart-wrenching story about family and depression, beautifully written by NYU alum Kenneth Lonergan.

Who ruined it: Casey Affleck

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Affleck won the Academy Award for his role as the lead during the same moment his sexual harassment lawsuit was surfacing. Hollywood rewarding men under scrutiny for misconduct with their highest honor is a bad look.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Why it was your favorite: It’s Home Alone, but this time, in the big city!

Who ruined it: Donald J. Trump

Why it’s suddenly problematic: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is a fun holiday movie for the whole family, that is until about halfway through when Kevin McAllister runs into a hotel manager played by known sexual harasser Donald Trump. Trump’s very presence certainly ruin the entire movie from the moment he appears on screen.