Facebook Groups To Hack Your NYU Experience


Welcome class of 2020! Have you seen the price of your textbooks yet? Have you checked your bank account after your fun first week? Did you suddenly get claustrophobic about living in the dorms for another year? Never fear.

While the prices of NYU and New York are without a question daunting and the city can be awash with too many possibilities, it’s important to understand that social media can hack you into some fun stuff in the city to take advantage of (before everyone else, you’re a *cool* freshman). With that, here are the best things to add into your own social media sphere.

1. NYU Free and For Sale:

Need a pillow? Or a lamp? What about a (slightly) discounted Balenciaga bag? NYU’s Free and For Sale page on Facebook links up NYU kids to buy and sell secondhand goods from each other. Usually you end up meeting people at Bobst so it’s a lot easier to get things than to try to draw up a meeting place with someone from Craigslist. BONUS: you can often find hella designer handbags and maybe even Yeezy’s!

2. NYU Textbook Exchange:

Once you see the prices of your textbooks, it’s easy to feel like you want to run home and apologize to your parents for the decisions you have made, but NYU Textbook exchange will have so many of your textbooks for way cheap. Since upperclassmen have all taken writing the essay, you will always find those pesky books floating around on the page, and if you like to read, you can always find classic literature that every CAS English major has lying around.

3. Free Food Events @ NYU:

We all have those days where we have to run around to class, to work, to whatever, and didn’t have time to pack lunch, grab lunch, or even eat lunch. Never fear: this Facebook page keeps you updated on literally every event at NYU that has some kind of free food happening. The page even covers NYU Tandon events for all you engineering students way out in Brooklyn. You do have to stay updated on it though; show up too late, and all the free food will have been eaten.

4. Housing and Off-Campus Housing:

Both of these groups do pretty much the same thing: connect NYU students with other NYU students so that everybody can find a place to live or fill an empty room in their apartment. When you’re ready to move off-campus, this is definitely the place to start. You can, of course, join other Facebook groups like Bushwick Boarding Bazaar and Gypsy Housing, or even check on Craigslist for apartment listings, but if you’re intimidated by the apartment hunting scene, both Housing and Off-Campus Housing are great places to start your adventure as a real life grown-up in a real life apartment. Subletting and Renting around NYU is another place to help you get the hell out of the dorms.

You should definitely keep an eye on all of these groups, but don’t forget to join your class’s and school’s Facebook groups as well, because with all the money we give NYU, they like to give us free water bottles and sometimes pizza and, if you’re an upperclassman, alcohol. Stay up to date on your social media outlets and you’re going to be on your way to a less-expensive (but still pretty expensive) New York college experience.

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