Day 4: Jekima Takes A Bomb Selfie At The Met

By NYU Local Staff

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8:00 AM — My roommate’s alarm sounds. It’s a really annoying, cartoon-ish sound that she likes to let ring for a long time. I yell at her to turn it off.

9:00 AM — I can’t go back to sleep. I scroll through my Twitter and Insta.

10:30 AM — I crawl out of bed and get ready. The roommates have left to do CAS/Stern type things. All of my friends are busy and I don’t want to eat breakfast by myself so I try to find some street food.

11:00 AM– I walk to Space Market and buy a small box of watermelon. This should fill me until lunch.

12:00 PM — I check the NYU app and see an event that offers free iced coffee and popsicles. I am all about the free stuff so I decide to check it out.

12:15 PM — I get there and realize it was a meet up for Jewish kids. Everyone is staring at me but they are all extremely friendly. One side of the room has strictly orthodox Jewish students and the other side is for reformed. I drink my coffee and attempt to make small talk.

1:00 PM — I head back over to Brittany to meet up with a friend to check out the MET.

1:30 PM — Get to the MET. The place is pretty sick. We try to do a loop of the place and get a glance of each exhibit. We end up spending over 3 hours there.

3:30 PM — I take a bomb selfie next to a bomb painting.

4:00 PM — Back at WSP. We walk to Upstein to grab some Chick-Fil-A. Again, I eat half of my meal and have to stop. I have yet to finish one meal whilst living in the city.

4:40 PM — Head back to Brittany to charge phone and take a nap.

6:00 PM — Roommate comes in and starts talking to her boyfriend. I can’t sleep so I listen to Blonde.

8:00 PM — Meet up with my friend to head over to the Open Mic at Kimmel.

8:15 PM — The room is at full capacity but we happen to find great seats at the front. I didn’t know how serious the event would be. I had planned to recite the Love Sosa introduction in a very poetic way but the event got very deep very fast.

9:00 PM — I have seen about 8 indie acts, one poem, and some tears on stage. That’s enough emotion for the day. I head upstairs to the Casino Night.

9:20 PM — Pretty much every table is occupied. I also didn’t realize that the games set up were legit casino games (I am dumb). I give my tickets away and go chill in WSP with a friend.

10:00 PM — Why do people jump in the fountain of WSP? Why do people try to swim in the fountain of WSP? My friend and I decide to meet up with my roommate to go to some kickback at one of the dorms.

12:37 AM — We head back home. I scroll through Twitter and put headphones in, as my other roommate is saying some weird stuff to her boyfriend.

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