The Streamlined Voting Of The All-University Elections

For all the complaints NYU students have — whether they’re about housing, tuition, being forced to walk to class through flurries, or anything else —  only 11% of students voted in last year’s All-University Elections, which select student senators and each college’s student council. However, this week students have a chance at redemption. Yesterday marked the beginning of this year’s All-University Elections, and student leaders are hoping for a better voter turnout.

Mariam Ehrari, the chair of the Student Senator’s Council (SSC), sent out an email announcing that voting is now open. In the email she called upon students to take charge of their university’s future, stating “this is your university, so take part in shaping it. Have your voice heard.” Read more…

Student Senator On Getting Your Scholarship Back

If you lose your financial aid, posting a furious Facebook comment won’t help you, says Sameer Jaywant, senator-at-large on the Student Senators Council. In addition to chairing the Academic Services Committee and the Committee on Organization and Governance, Sameer helps students who have lost their financial aid packages get that precious scholarship money back.

Sameer chatted with NYU Local about the importance of meeting with a financial aid officer, how he rebounded from a bad freshmen year, and students who think John Sexton is out to get them.

NYU Local: What kind of financial aid support do you provide for students?

My energies are best spent working with students who come to me or any of the other senators with grievances or stories about the financial aid office, where their scholarship or financial aid was cancelled or cut off abruptly or there’s some problem in continuing their financial aid year to year. Read more…

NYU Decided To Keep “Homophobic” Chick-fil-A Long Before Petition Launched

Last Thursday, NYU Student Senators Council announced its decision not to ban the campus Chick-fil-A, despite the company’s $2 million in donations to Christian organizations which oppose gay marriage.

The announcement came just as a throng of students gathered outside of Weinstein Hall, which houses Chick-fil-A, to protest the “anti-gay” chain. A petition begun by a Gallatin freshman in January had gathered over 11,000 signatures opposing its presence on campus. The outcry had made national headlines, and students at Northeastern University had successfully blocked a Chick-fil-A from opening on their campus barely a week before. Things were looking promising, but one thing was never said: the Student Senators Council had made their decision long before any of this took place.  Read more…