Student Alleges NYU Is Forcing Her To Live With Her Roommate’s Four Year Old Son

Part of learning to love NYU is adjusting to the unique set of challenges that living in New York throws at you, all while dealing with the regular complexities that happen to normal college students. But everyone has their personal limits. Last year, a student had problems with completing an assignment that forced her to go down to Occupy Wall Street. She raised email hell with administrators over it.

And one year later, we now have Shasten Snellgroves, a junior at NYU who says that NYU is forcing her to share her living space with her roommate’s four year old son. Snellgroves says that with NYU’s sign-in policy, the child could spend every day in her room and sleep over six nights a month. She is not comfortable with this situation at all. When she approached a residence hall director about her concerns, Snellgroves says that the NYU employee “compared the situation to one roommate being uncomfortable with another having a homosexual partner stay the night.”

Read her full email to NYU Local after the jump.

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Hooking Up With RAs: Yea Or Nay?

Living in a dorm is a weird thing. Everyone is from somewhere else, there are a lot of different types of kids – whatever. Then you add the fact that kids are kids. We like things that are ridiculous, like eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s at 3 am and staying up all night watching stupid reruns on Netflix. It is what it is. In relation to what our parents think we do at college is the question of “No, but really, what do you do at that weird school in the city?”

Each dorm functions as a community. We have campus buildings, with full facilities much like apartment buildings and studios, and kids. And we still have sex. Many of our friends in residential life have started successful relationships while dating residents – though after the professional relationship has ended. (And hey, we already explored the option of hooking up with TAs).

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When It Comes To Recycling, Don’t Be An Asshole

Do you know what’s rad? The planet we all currently live on. Little did anyone know for the past ten years, all the fish are dying and the storms are getting worse and the coral reefs have been bleached white. Unfortunately, the students living in some NYU dorms seem to be speed-reading that memo over and over again despite the fact that it’s listed at the end of every hallway and above every public trashcan.

As an upperclassman in housing there are many issues to be laughed about, from gender pronoun confusion (dude, I am a lady) to silly recycling debacles. During my youth the town I was living in started a great recycling program. New York University has hopped on this agenda and has been promoting the positive use of our planet for a few years now. So now it’s time to teach each other how to recycle again.

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