Forget Anti-Gay Barilla, Pasta Is For Everyone

There are three things that everyone in the world needs: oxygen, water, and carbs. With that universality in mind, the recent anti-gay comments made by the chairman of the world’s biggest pasta company, Barilla, are just plain ridiculous. Chariman Guido Barilla sparked controversy late last week when he said his company “would never do [a commercial] with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them.”

Mr. Barilla is unconcerned with whether gay consumers would stop buying pasta from the company because gays can  “eat another brand.” Since then, a petition to boycott the brand has reached over 123,000 signatures. But if you’re boycotting Barilla and still want an Italian dinner this week, what are the gay-friendly alternatives?

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NYU Owned A Noodle Factory

A little known fact: NYU used to own a macaroni business.

It was NYU’s first attempt to become a global university—acquiring Italian food. The company was called Mueller Pasta Co. and was donated to the NYU School of Law in 1947 by a couple of wealthy alumni. Dean Aurthur Vanderbilt, with his ambitions set for NYU expansion, was more than happy to accept Mueller Pasta under NYU’s jurisdiction.

The relationship was a success, to say the least. Profits from Mueller helped NYU Law refurbish and expand at a rapid pace. Mueller money was in fact so critical, that Vanderbilt Hall was aptly nicknamed “Noodle Hall” after the source of its financing. Read more…