NYU Events App Aims To Connect Students With Events

As per the club directory, NYU currently has no less than 528 active clubs, most of which have at least monthly meetings and events. As does any student at NYU, I’m sure you too have interests varying from cookies and coloring to quantitative finance. There’s something for everyone at NYU.

The upside to this is that there are dozens of events happening around campus every day, serving students of all interests. The downside– it’s super hard to sift through the noise and find the perfect event for you. Two juniors, Abhinay Ashutosh (CAS 2016) and Tanner Nelson (Currently on leave) built a solution –Event Scout–at a hackathon last spring at NYU Poly. They won first place with their beautifully designed event discovery app, and over the course of the summer they decided to work on it more. The app has now evolved into NYU Events, a free iOS app that you can download here.

“Right after the hackathon we chatted with a lot of people there who said   ‘Hey, you guys should make this into something bigger.’ There was a lot of demand for something like this,” Ashutosh said. The app uses tags like ‘tech’, ‘arts’, ‘academic’, and the ever-popular ‘free food’, which you can use to search events you’d like to go to. You can also RSVP directly through the app and filter out event tags that don’t interest you. Read more…

The Search For The Next President Of NYU Begins Now

In a university-wide email sent yesterday, NYU Board of Trustees chair-designate William Berkley released the names of the members of the NYU Presidential Search Committee, a specialized group tasked with determining who will replace John Sexton when his tenure expires in 2016. As the New York Times reported back in April, every person on the Presidential Search Committee was selected by current chair Martin Lipton; he himself is included in the committee (Berkley won’t become chair in full until October of next year).

The lineup, which includes 14 members of the Board of Trustees, six faculty members, two deans, two students and a member of the Administrative Management Council, aligns with the board’s promise to include more students and faculty in the process of choosing the university’s next president. This push for participation from the NYU community at large also includes a website, which will track the process of the search, as well as a separate email address (nyupresident.search.committee@nyu.edu) where anyone can give their two cents on the matter.

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Don’t Let Ivy Envy Get You Down: If You’re Supposed To Be Here, You’ll Know

NYU was always my dream school. I don’t remember when my fascination with this university began, but I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to end up here. The true “university” experience, with a campus and prevalent Greek Life and a football team never seemed like the college experience I wanted. NYU offered great academics, incredible opportunities, and, above all, the city.

On the same day I was accepted to NYU, I was rejected from Stanford. When the rejection email came, I was already too excited about NYU to really care, but there was a quiet voice in the back of my mind that reminded me that even though I didn’t want to go to Stanford, it wasn’t even an option. After moving out to New York, I started to discover that I wasn’t the only one quietly pining after the classical Ivy League-esque experience. While NYU offers so many amazing things to its students, there is a sense, for many of us, that we “weren’t quite smart enough” to go to Columbia or Stanford or Yale.

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Freshman Dies After Fall From Third North

Early this morning, a student fell to his death at Third North. The university confirmed he was a freshman in Liberal Studies.

Gothamist reports the student was 20 years old, though the New York Post reports he was 19 and the Daily News says 18.

Freshmen about to start their spring semester were evacuated through a fire alarm.

Spokesperson John Beckman stated that the student’s body was found in the courtyard. “It appears as though his death occurred as a result of a fall from the roof of the building,” he said. Beckman’s full comment is below. Like other NYU residences, Third North has no roof access and windows only open a crack.

Sad way to start the semester. (NYU’s full statement after the jump.)
Please remember that the Wellness Center is available to help 24/7 at 212-443-9999.

[VIDEO] Asking For It: NYU Local Explores Street Harassment

In a city where street harassment is omnipresent, many students have learned to simply deal with the catcalls and assaults that come with the territory. We don’t have much of a choice, especially in a society that still largely dismisses the too-long looks and jeering as misunderstood “compliments.” In an effort to capture the reality of what street harassment actually feels like, a few volunteers took walks around the neighborhood wearing partially hidden Go Pro video cameras. We also asked NYU students about their own experiences and opinions regarding harassment, in order to get a more comprehensive idea of what’s going on around Washington Square Park. For some reason, creeps and weirdos still think they have the authority to whistle at total strangers — we want to find out why.

NYU Local TV via Youtube.

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[BREAKING] Man Killed By Fall From NYU Building’s Scaffolding

A construction worker died in Bellevue Hospital today after falling six stories from NYU’s Languages and Literature Building around 11:00 a.m. The man was found on the roof of 269 Greene Street, located next to the Cantor Film Center and adjacent to the building on which he was repairing the facade. The worker was described to NYU Local as “male, Hispanic, and in his forties” by the NYPD Public Relations Department.

When asked about the incident hours later, students lined up for class at Cantor were unaware that anything had happened in the area. The facade of the Languages and Literature building, located at 19 University Place, has been under construction since June 25 of this year, and the project’s extended deadline was set for sometime in December, an NYU spokesman told DNAinfo.

NYU’s Director for Public Affairs Philip Lentz said the company in charge of the construction, D.P. Consulting Corporation, is currently being investigated to ensure the company was “in compliance with their safety plans,” and until then NYU has “shut down the construction site, where façade work was underway.” The NYU website about the construction site explains that the workers were “using a swing scaffold to lower themselves down the side of the building,” and the “work [was] done with [the use of] small hand tools.”

“NYU prides itself on its excellent safety record and will cooperate with any government investigation of this tragic incident,” said Lentz. “Our deepest sympathies go out to the worker’s family.” We will continue to update this post as more information is released.

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With This Club

NYU is home to many great clubs, and among them is the Sweet Side of Life. This club, which meets on a regular basis in Kimmel to provide free sweets to the NYU community at large, is a lesser-known, but awesome, NYU fixture. There are no requirements for membership, no dues or fees, and best of all, no expectations. It provides an opportunity to bridge the many different cultures that NYU welcomes into the community through the universal language of food. More specifically, desserts.

Sweet Side of Life has been around for a while, but continues to attract new faces. “I heard about Sweet Side of Life event before I got to NYU,” said club PR man and senior Indy Sil. A club that is ultimately dedicated to food is the best club possible. No pretending to deeply care about global interests for free dumplings, no crashing Young Republicans meetings for free pizza, just pure love for sweets and fellow friends who indulge in the same pastime. Read more…

Learn How To Shimmy Away With NYU Dance Clubs

My friends know me as a dancer, but it wasn’t always this way. Beneath the smooth, rhythmic exterior of this handsome breakdancer lurks an eternally two-stepping, awkward dance floor disaster. Before I learned breakdancing from a combination of my friends and YouTube, I had absolutely no dancing skills.

This journey from dance hall zero to hero is the reason I believe anyone can dance with the right teaching, and why I actually trust the wide variety of student dance organizations at NYU. So if you’re a seasoned dance veteran looking to get an edge on a new style, or a hopeless newbie with dreams of one day holding your own at the club, here are a few of the places around campus you can get started.

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In Defense Of On-Campus Jobs

Jobs and internships are an important part of college life. They provide an outlet from school and the opportunity to experience real-world situations while still in the comfortable safety of university life. The thing about New York, though, is that it can often be difficult to find someone to pay you for said work. There are many job and internship postings available through NYU Career Net, sponsored by Wasserman, but many are unpaid, which is sometimes okay but often blows. There’s no getting around it: We live in New York. We need cash.

But never fear, dear student, for you have options! One great one for those looking for a well paid and often undemanding position is to get an on-campus job. Whether you have work-study money or not, there are many on-campus positions available throughout the school year to NYU students. From setting up lights for theatre productions to lifeguarding at Palladium to stacking books in Bobst, there’s no shortage of jobs that need to be filled.  Read more…

Tavi Gevinson, Please Come To NYU

Tavi, I’ve been a fan since the early days of Style Rookie. Your writing style, from an early age, has been so distinct and so true to who you are. I loved reading your posts about fashion because they weren’t like every other fashion blog back then. Your fashion, and writing, seamlessly combined a creative and artistic style with a great sense of humor. So when I found out that you’re considering NYU,  and my home base Gallatin, I knew I had to woe you to come here.

This is why you should come to NYU:

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