What You Missed: A Roundup Of NYU In The News

While you were at home for the break, watching Portlandia, glancing at the stack of novels you intended to read “for pleasure” and wearing the clothes you’ve deliberately left at home year after year, the world kept slowly turning here at NYU. Here is some of what you missed while you were gone:

-A union of 22,000 building workers, including NYU’s building cleaners, threatened to strike on January 1 over wages and benefits. The strike was narrowly averted on New Year’s eve, with a new contract that raises wages by 5.6% over four years and will distribute $1,100 bonuses to the workers.

-Violet, the beloved hawk we livestreamed in delight, passed away last month following surgery to amputate her injured foot. A new female hawk swooped in two days later.  Read more…

Bubbly Washington Post Student Writer Hasn’t Had Love for NYU Yet Beaten Out of Them

The Answer Sheet is a blog at The Washington Post that focuses on helping prospective students and parents parse college decisions. They recently published an editorial by an anonymous student who took a tour of NYU’s campus and proclaimed it “My Favorite School (yes, with capital letters).” Among the positive notions the student took away from the tour were NYU’s seamless integration within the city at large (“you understand exactly where you are going. Your whole life isn’t centered around the school. Because New York is New York, you’re not confined to a campus.”), as well as our “excellent” study abroad program and “amazing” academics.

Of course this student also had to make a comment on our super hipstery student body: “I did feel like there were lots and lots of hipsters and artsy people there, though of course there were tons of people who weren’t like that at all. I think that is just the vibe you get from being in New York.”

There’s something so refreshing about unbridled enthusiasm for NYU. It generally comes from prospective students who have been pumped full of idealism via NYU Admissions packets and enthusiastic tour guides. They haven’t yet been demoralized, reduced to an N-number; they haven’t been put on hold with Financial Aid for an hour and a half, haven’t realized that, in this economy, their $200k education will probably lead to a fast food job. Oh, the pipe dreams of youth! How I recall them with poignant fondness.

Can’t wait to bitch about the lines for the Silver elevators with you, adorably positive anonymous student!

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