Whisper Is An App For Creepers, Not Secrets

Do you have a dirty little secret? Are you too trendy for NYU Secrets or Facebook? Maybe you’ve heard of Whisper, the app for iOS and Android that allows you to anonymously upload your secrets for the world to see. Other Whisper users can then like, share, or reply to your secret — just like Facebook, except, you know, with total strangers.

The one big difference is that Whisper allows its users to “direct message” the authors of its secrets, who of course remain anonymous. The app functions as an emotional outlet. Users can post secrets in an attempt at catharsis, or in the hope that someone will message them so that they can engage in an anonymous conversation about whatever it is that is troubling them.

Whisper can also function as a kind of forum for people who want answers to their pressing questions. Whisper includes a search bar that allows you to filter secrets by topic. If you search Whisper for “NYU,” you’ll find potential students asking advice on admissions and financial aide. However, these searches also reveal Whisper’s dark side. Read more…

As Valentine’s Day Approaches, We Catch Up With NYU Hook Ups

Last time we checked in with NYU Hook Ups, the site was still in its infancy. The posts on its Facebook page were a mix of earnest pleas and blatant trolling, sprinkled with videos and articles posted by the site itself. “Looking for a decent human being,” one user wrote. “If time permits, I sit down with John Sexton for a cup of tea,” read another. “Going abroad next semester [and] looking for one final no strings attached night,” posted one male Stern student.

That was two months ago. Winter break has come and gone, and the site’s initial objective—to find you, the lonely, homeward-bound NYU student, a last-minute hookup—is past its expiration date. But what happened to John Sexton’s tea buddy? Or the Sternie who was hankering for some post-finals release? And what’s become of the site itself—is it still a troll’s paradise, or has it developed into our own little OkCupid? Read more…

NYU Hook Ups: A Facebook Page To Help You Lose Your Virginity Before Winter Break

This past weekend NYU Hook Ups — a new dating site (if you can even call it that) geared towards the sexually unsatisfied students of NYU — surfaced on Facebook and has quickly gained attention from a lot of weirdos and a few girls. Inspired by NYU MemesNYU Secrets, and NYU Compliments, NYU Hook Ups serves to match the lonely hearts of NYU based on gender, school, year, sexual orientation, and desired mate, but ends up looking like some busted version of Seeking Arrangement, except it assumes that everyone’s poor.

The site—which somehow guarantees 110% anonymity—currently hosts a wide variety of posts from freshman, grad students, and Sternies (to name a few), and promises only to cater to NYU students, although a Trinity undergrad seems to have mysteriously passed the two-step NYU student verification process. Read more…