Finding A Yoga Studio In New York That’s Right For You

So you’re new to the city (class of 2018, anyone?!), or maybe you’re new to yoga. Either way, it’s time to find a studio. The benefits of daily practice are something preached throughout all styles and practices of yoga, andthough  I’ve found that doing yoga on my own can be great, the benefits of actually going to class are endless.

When I first moved to the city, I struggled to find a yoga studio that felt like home. I tried a lot of studios, liked a lot of studios, but it took me about six months before settling into somewhere where I can go to class every day. The search for a studio to call home was good for me. I went to new areas of the city and tried new styles of yoga. New York is definitely something of an American yoga mecca, so I highly encourage that you embark on a search of your own to find somewhere you love; however, this can be stressful and expensive. So, I’ve created a sort of breakdown of the studios I tried on my own search for a New York yoga home.

This is by no means a definitive ranking – there are so many yoga studios I haven’t tried – and it’s not a pros or cons list either. That’s sort of defeating the point of yoga, which comes down to doing what’s right for you, but I hope my adventures can help spur some of your own.

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The Lost and Found of New York City

Last week, an ancient Roman sarcophagus lid, having been stolen by an illegal art dealer, turned up in Queens. A few days ago, a goat head was found in Prospect Park. Yet neither of these is the weirdest thing lost and then found in New York.

Here are some even more anomalous artifacts found in the city:

1. A prosthetic leg, which doesn’t seem like the kind of thing one loses easily, showed up on the subway in 2013.

2. Yo-Yo Ma’s cello.

3. A 19th-century douche, which is actually way more historically significant than it sounds. Read more…

[VIDEO] Asking For It: NYU Local Explores Street Harassment

In a city where street harassment is omnipresent, many students have learned to simply deal with the catcalls and assaults that come with the territory. We don’t have much of a choice, especially in a society that still largely dismisses the too-long looks and jeering as misunderstood “compliments.” In an effort to capture the reality of what street harassment actually feels like, a few volunteers took walks around the neighborhood wearing partially hidden Go Pro video cameras. We also asked NYU students about their own experiences and opinions regarding harassment, in order to get a more comprehensive idea of what’s going on around Washington Square Park. For some reason, creeps and weirdos still think they have the authority to whistle at total strangers — we want to find out why.

NYU Local TV via Youtube.

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A Lot Of NYC Republicans Were Arrested Yesterday: A Guide

Yesterday just before dawn, two New York City pols awoke to the worst sound a sleazebag public ‘servant’ can hear – sirens. Several more operatives shared the same rude awakening, as a total of six mostly Republican politicians and political operatives were indicted for wire fraud and bribery. They are as follows: Democrat-turned-Independent-Democrat-turned-Republican-wannabe Malcolm Smith, Republican city councilman Dan Halloran, Bronx Republican fief Joseph Savino, Queens Republican vice-chair Vincent Tabone, and the Mayor and deputy Mayor of Spring Valley, New York; Noramie Jasmin and Joseph Desmaret.

It is one of the most absurd (and kinda hysterical) scandals this side of the Hudson has ever seen. So here’s exactly what happened.

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What To Do When Cynthia Nixon Knocks On Your Door: Celebrities & The NYC Mayoral Race

With the New York City mayoral race in full swing, it’s interesting to watch which candidates have lined up what celebrity endorsers. With her estimated million-vote swing to President Obama through her 2008 endorsement, Oprah reminded us about how powerful the right luminary – and the platform they can bring – can be to any candidate’s cause.

It’s been interesting to watch 30 Rock debonair and obstinate Words-With-Friends-er Alec Baldwin buff his usually bombastic political image with his attacks on presumed Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn. Writing for the Huffington Post, Baldwin renamed her “Quinnberg” and accused her of being unqualified to lead New York.

Because the only thing New York City politics is truly missing is Hollywood drama.

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Meet The City Hall Contenders: NYU Local’s Q&A With Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese

After NYULocal introduced the mayoral candidates last week, longshot Democratic contender Sal Albanese volunteered to speak with us about his candidacy for City Hall and the current state of governance in New York City. Sal Albanese was a City Councilman from 1982-1997 and an NYU grad, having received his Masters’ in Health Science in 1976.

This kicks off our series of interviews with every mayoral vier we can get our hands on. He spoke freely and openly about a wide range of topics concerning Mayor Bloomberg’s time in office and his own experience as a public sector servant. Enjoy.

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McNally Jackson Hosts Talk On NYU: Is It A University, Or Just A Corporation?

“They shook my bed! They woke me up! Now I’m a tiger!” went the disgruntled cry of one of many long-time Greenwich Village residents in an attendance at Wednesday night’s “News from Underground” talk, hosted by NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller and held at independent bookseller McNally Jackson. The topic this week? “Is It a University, or Just a Corporation? The Case of NYU’s Expansion Plan.”  On the panel for the event along with Miller were writers Andrew Ross (a fellow NYU professor and author of Bird on Fire), Tom Angotti (New York for Sale), and Sharon Zukin (Naked City).

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