Netflix Coming To Cable Companies Near You

In the very near future, the next generation of children may grow up watching Netflix on cable. The Internet TV-show-streaming company announced late last week that they will be partnering with three small cable companies to bring their content into homes via the “old fashioned way.”

According to WIRED, the three companies getting a chunk of the Netflix success are RCN, Grande Communications, and Atlantic Broadband. The content will be accessible through their TiVo set-top boxes. Altogether, the three cable companies have about 720,000 customers that Netflix can now reach through the traditional TV vertical.

This new move adds to the heat surrounding fresh switch ups in the TV Internet space. Last week, The FCC announced that they were considering a move that would let cable providers charge companies for faster Internet lanes. With Netflix’s expansion directly through cable into the home, they could be somewhat circumventing that set up. Since streaming doesn’t factor in on regular TV, Netflix wouldn’t necessarily have to compete for that speed factor if they’re accessible through cable. Read more…

New Net Neutrality Rule Doesn’t Seem So Neutral

This week, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission inadvertently ignited massive controversy when their new net neutrality rules were leaked.  At their core, these rules would let cable providers, like Comcast or Time Warner Cable, charge companies, like Netflix, a premium for access to faster lanes.

If you’re not familiar with net neutrality, it’s intended to create exactly what it sounds like—a neutral playing field for providers, and equal access to programming and high-speed Internet  for consumers.

Though the original purpose of the net neutrality rules is to avoid preferential treatment in cable traffic, the FCC has some explaining in regards to this new application. From one perspective, the new rule could keep cable providers from purposefully slowing down network connections for consumers trying to access certain streaming websites. But on the other side of the issue, this rule would let providers give special treatment to companies with more money and therefore the ability to pay more for better speeds. Read more…

Holiday Netflixing For The Whole Family (Creepy Uncles Included)

‘Tis the season to overindulge! Soon we’ll be gorging ourselves on food, our parents’ alcohol, and, of course, Netflix.

Breaks are the perfect time to binge-watch shows as you binge-eat leftovers, but unlike the teenage years you spent locked in your room ignoring your family, Netflixing can be a social activity. Check out our list of recommended shows and movies for the family members you’re likely to run into over the holidays:

Teenage Brother: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It’s a classic movie that your siblings born in the later 90s might not have gotten a chance to see. NYU Local is not responsible for any acts of truancy or vandalism that this viewing inspires.

Teenage Sister: Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural

This is a kind of Rorsachach test of teenage sibling coolness: is one a Buffy fan or a Supernatural fan? Either way, these shows make for prime marathoning material: on the shorter side (~40 min), skippable if the plot doesn’t interest you, and with an excellent ratio of eye candy (hello, David Boreanaz) to fight scenes. Read more…

Hemlock Grove Is Netflix’s Twin Peaks Lite

Last Friday Netflix released 13 episodes of its newest and highly-anticipated series, Hemlock Grove, and the response thus far has been, well, interesting. The series is produced by NYU alumnus Eli Roth—of Cabin Fever and Hostel fame—and set in a quaint fictional Pennsylvania town that is rocked by the death of a high school cheerleader.

Hemlock Grove borders on camp with its brooding characterizations, teenybopper dialogue, inclusion of werewolves and magic, and, oh yeah, blatant racism. Although the storyline seems oddly parallel to that of David Lynch’s cult-classic Twin Peaks, Hemlock Grove falls unbelievably short and ends up looking more like a busted version of Pretty Little Liars, which is already pretty busted in the first place.

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Which Upcoming Netflix Series Are Worth The Binge?

Last time we checked, spending eight or twelve straight days in bed to marathon your new favorite TV show is very definition of paradise. In the past, binge-watching has been reserved only for catching up on already-aired seasons, but now Netflix is changing the game.

The video streaming service tested the first season of Lilyhammer last year—Steven Van Zandt stars as a New York gangster starting life over in Norway—with lukewarm results, but hit its stride with the addictive House of Cards.

If the political drama is any indication of Netflix’s talent, the rest of 2013 may very well revolve around you, a dark room, and the soft glow of your laptop. Three shows will premiere this spring, beginning this Sunday with Bad Samaritans. Although Netflix hasn’t revealed much, we take a stab at determining which new series are worth the binge.

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What Does House of Cards Mean for the Future of Binge-Watching?

As college students, we may watch a fair amount of TV. Typically, just not when it airs.

We watch Girls on HBO Go when we get the chance, but who even has HBO to catch it when it first comes on anyway? We hit Netflix and binge-watch shows we’ve been meaning to get into, blowing through them over a weekend, because once you get into Breaking Bad, why stop? The current entertainment distribution model is designed to be as personalized and customizable as possible. And as such, as part of that ostensible target demographic, when it comes to Netflix’s hugely hyped new original series House of Cards, we’re put into a unique position.

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Procrastination Via Nostalgia

Finals season comes with its share of Bobst boyfriends and procrastibaking, but sometimes the drain is so strong that we are left empty shells of human, with no feelings or even memory of said feelings.

It comes as a total coincidence, then, that Judd Apatow guest-edited this January’s “comedy issue” of Vanity Fair. His position means something for both comedy and Vanity Fair but mostly just means that we as readers and users of the Internet got an entire section dedicated to Freaks And Geeks, featuring an intriguing collection of behind-the-scenes photos, an “oral history” of the show, and a 10-year reunion photo gallery of the entire cast (including Harris, Bill’s Mom, Coach Fredericks — everyone).

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A Guide To The Last Of The New York Video Stores

It is no new news that the age of the brick-and-mortar video store is long past, but if you’re nostalgic for the days before Redbox in any way, it’s a shame all the same. Sure, VOD is incredibly convenient, but there’s something to be said about going into a store where you can actually browse for movies, talk to clerks for recommendations, and explore a generally more expansive selection. After all, not everything can be found on Netflix.

And this being New York, there are still a few holdovers that continue to carry the torch for the days of video stores, and luckily, a handful of them are in relative proximity to NYU. So stop mourning the loss of Kim’s and its ilk, and check out these cool places where you can still actually rent movies! (In a store!)

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Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: The Showdown

To legally view those 90s/early-2000s movies we’ve been meaning to watch, or the latest episode of “30 Rock,” paying a fairly small fee seems worth it. And since it’s gotten nearly impossible to find those notoriously reliable-yet-sketchy illegal websites to stream videos for free, paying $7.99 for Netflix or Hulu Plus seems like the next best alternative.

Although neither website’s library is close to being satisfactory, there are some crucial factors to help decide which one better suits your guilty movie or TV show pleasures. Read more…

Best of Netflix: “A Lot Of Crazy Shit Happens In 24 Hours” Edition

Thanksgiving break is so close but so far. In between then and now, you’ve got a cavalcade of papers, tests, and miscellaneous busy work meant to occupy precious time that you could be using to watch random ass movies on Netflix streaming. But do you have to deal with a race riot in a Bed-Stuy pizza joint? Or a group of crazy Satanists during a babysitting job gone awry? No – compared to those guys, you have it all relatively easy. So take this opportunity to unwind with some great movies where a lot of crazy shit happens within a twenty-four hour span, A.K.A. a few of my favorite “one crazy night/day movies.”

Do the Right Thing: It’s a not just another summer day in New York – it’s hot as hell, and both the thermometer and the racial tensions are just about ready to explode in this deserved acclaimed masterpiece from Spike Lee. Funny when it needs to be (for the vast majority of its running time that is) and appropriately apocalyptic during its searing conclusion, Lee’s incendiary direction and script carefully tread the line between insight and self-righteousness with skill, as every open fire hydrant and greasy slice of pizza contributes to the feeling that you too are trapped on this very Brooklyn block. And that’s the truth, Ruth. Read more…