On Hipsters, Ego Boosts, And Inappropriate Old Men: My OkCupid Saga

Like most people on OkCupid, I created my account during a fit of boredom at three in the morning, hoping it would at least be entertaining.

We all know internet dating sites for their fair share of weirdos—the web makes it almost too easy to say something “bold” (read: insane) without worrying about the consequences. In real life, that can earn you a slap in the face.

But online dating can be fun, or so I’ve been told. That’s why I decided to check it out for myself. Read more…

To My Dearest Albert: Let’s Work This Out

To my dearest Albert,

Look, I know that things haven’t exactly been easy between us. We’ve been through so much together, and I know that I can always come back to you. But right now, I don’t know where our relationship stands. After we had our falling out last semester, I walked away feeling betrayed, like you stabbed me in the back, and robbed me of my dream schedule. So it’s time to talk, Albert. We’re gonna figure this out. Because course registration is this week, and I want to set things straight with you.

Let me start off by saying how important you are to me. I mean, we’ve been together since day one: right after I got my acceptance letter, you and your late-90’s-style interface held my hand as I paid my enrollment fee and reserved my freshman dorm room. Those early days were some of the best; I was so thrilled to be on this journey with you.

Things got bumpier as time went on – we both did some growing up, and that’s only natural. I was busy with classes and schoolwork and my attempts to preserve at least a drop of a social life. Meanwhile, you went off changing your layout: you became even more complicated than before. Read more…

Local Debates: Valentine’s Day (Pro)

It slips in right after Christmas. Right in front of our eyes, the plastic Santas are changed for plastic hearts, cheap cupids, and bag upon bag of red colored candy. An anthropologist of capitalist America would have to label this a certain kind of ritual. And they would also, in the footnotes somewhere, have to give some note to that always-on-time sanctimonious voice pining that Valentine’s Day is, like, complete bullshit. I’m of a different opinion: Something about all the formalities that feel less human than wrapped-up Christmas gifts, or the row after row of foam costumes always for sale as soon as October, has to be indicative of some deeper meaning.

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Now Kiss: Mark and Weston’s Blind Date

Finding a date in New York isn’t as easy as Sex and the City would have you believe. Unless you’re still with your high school sweetheart, met your soulmate while reaching for the same book at Bobst, or are brave enough to try Date My School (or NYU Hook Ups — we won’t judge), you might find yourself without a Valentine this year.

NYU Local wants to solve your romantic woes with our new column, Now Kiss. Armed with a batch of Cupid’s arrows, we want to set you up with another NYU student on a blind date. Read more…

#ThisIsHowYouWinHerBack, Or Is It?

When living in a city like New York where posters, advertisements, lights, stickers, graffiti, and window displays confront us at every street corner, it becomes somewhat necessary to shut off our senses to the over stimulating propaganda that surrounds us. However there’s often that one poster or advertisement that sticks out, you know, the one that you remember to ask your friends if they’ve seen. Whether it’s a sign at the Bedford L of Lena Dunham looking quirky or one of those advertisements on subway trains that begs the question, “Is your dog a total ‘dog?’” some things are simply memorable, and #ThisIsHowYouWinHerBack is no different.

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When It Comes To Recycling, Don’t Be An Asshole

Do you know what’s rad? The planet we all currently live on. Little did anyone know for the past ten years, all the fish are dying and the storms are getting worse and the coral reefs have been bleached white. Unfortunately, the students living in some NYU dorms seem to be speed-reading that memo over and over again despite the fact that it’s listed at the end of every hallway and above every public trashcan.

As an upperclassman in housing there are many issues to be laughed about, from gender pronoun confusion (dude, I am a lady) to silly recycling debacles. During my youth the town I was living in started a great recycling program. New York University has hopped on this agenda and has been promoting the positive use of our planet for a few years now. So now it’s time to teach each other how to recycle again.

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Despite Amy Poehler’s Divorce, ‘Parks And Rec.’ Proves True Love Is Real

When news circulated that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were getting separated, voices all around the world–including our own–cried out “IS LOVE DEAD?” and the answer seemed to be a resounding yes. Arnett and Poehler’s marriage was a special gift for pop culture–two people who are incredibly funny in their own separate projects (see Arnett in Arrested Development as well as Hot Rod, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and a terrific recurring role on 30 Rock; see Poehler in years of SNL as well as Parks And Rec and oh, right, she co-founded improv comedy giant Upright Citizens Brigade)–had the ability to come together to work as a hilarious comedy duo. They also seemed to genuinely care for one another.

News of the funny power couple’s separation spread only weeks before Parks And Recreation‘s fifth season premiere yesterday on NBC. Rather than allowing the impending divorce to cast a dark shadow over the new episodes, though, we suggest that you understand Parks And Rec as a fictional embodiment of everything you loved about Poehler + Arnett.

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Straight/Gay/Taken: Three CAS Students Sneak In To Stern Speed Dating

Here at NYU Local, we love going to places we weren’t invited. That’s why we hang out in John Sexton’s office when he’s not around. This time, we’re adventuring into unmarked territory on behalf of love: Monday’s Stern Speed Dating event, held in the Tisch Hall Commerce Room at the very sexy time of 12:30pm.

This is how it worked: Every guy sat across from a girl and the moderator asked questions about love, dating, and relationships. Each duo had a few minutes to discuss their answers before the men rotated to the right. Every person was given the chance to talk to about ten people. There were approximately 50 people seated at three different tables, each littered with silver heart-shaped confetti, cupcakes of all kinds, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cups of sparkling apple cider. The advisory board who organized the afternoon spent approximately $1,500 on the hour-long event.

Inspired by our previous ‘Two CAS Students Sneak Into A Stern Class And Liveblog It,” and coupled with the misadventures of our Drunk/Sober/High series, we bring you Straight/Gay/Taken, an examination of the strange and wondrous terrain of the Stern love life.  Read more…

Have Yourself A Sexy, Understated Valentine’s Day At These Five Bars

Valentines Day always conjures a bucket of emotions. For the single among us, it invariably brings the question of our love lives (or lack thereof) to the forefront, smack in the middle of winter–arguably the most depressing season already. For those of us out there with girlfriends, boyfriends, or half-boyfriends, it can be arguably even more stressful. Questions of expectations abound: If I’ve only been dating a girl for three weeks do we do something on Valentine’s Day? Where can I go to dinner without zero-ing out my already dwindling bank account? Is this card too heteronormative?

But hey, screw any preconceived Valentine’s Day standards, and get drunk instead. Forget chocolate and edible panties, and go hang out at one of these 5 sexy, little bars with your lover, your former TA, or your friends who hate Valentine’s Day just as much as you do.  Read more…

Questlove Comes to NYU (Plus A Most Excellent Stevie Wonder Playlist Courtesy Of DJ Spinna)

NYU is awesome for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is the way the university regularly introduces students to experts in their chosen fields. Classes at NYU have been known to play host to comic luminaries like Jon Stewart and Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and moviemakers like Spike Lee and James Franco.

This semester, the course ”Topics in Recorded Music: Stevie Wonder”, taught by two-time Grammy award winning producer Harry Weinger, more than lived up to its insanely cool course description. On the first day of class, Stevie Wonder himself showed up, which brought one anonymous student to tears.

It was fitting then, that the last day of class would bring more guest appearances from musical luminaries: Amir “Questlove” Thompson, legendary jazz bassist Christian McBride, and DJ Spinna, who, according to Questlove, “has a doctorate in Wonderology.” These three men, along with Professor Weinger, lead a spirited and immensely articulate discussion on the history of Stevie’s music, the personal impact it had on their lives, and the history of soul.

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