Should You Use Sex As A Bargaining Chip? A Guide Based On Your Favorite TV Shows

Most college hook-ups are purely based in hedonistic fun, contrary to what a few worried Gen-Xers would like to believe. You’re scantily clad at a party, they’re single and ready to mingle, yada yada yada. But according to NYU Secrets, a few Violets use sex as a bargaining chip for moneya solid Natural Science grade, and epic April Fool’s jokes. It’s a risky strategy, and can easily backfire: see exhibit A, Monica Lewinsky.

Before you get down and dirty with manipulation in mind, take a look at how these tactics have played out on the small screen.

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What Does House of Cards Mean for the Future of Binge-Watching?

As college students, we may watch a fair amount of TV. Typically, just not when it airs.

We watch Girls on HBO Go when we get the chance, but who even has HBO to catch it when it first comes on anyway? We hit Netflix and binge-watch shows we’ve been meaning to get into, blowing through them over a weekend, because once you get into Breaking Bad, why stop? The current entertainment distribution model is designed to be as personalized and customizable as possible. And as such, as part of that ostensible target demographic, when it comes to Netflix’s hugely hyped new original series House of Cards, we’re put into a unique position.

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