Join Faculty (Fellows In Residence) At The Met

This evening, NYU’s Faculty Fellows in Residence (FFIR) program will host their much-anticipated Ready.Met.Go event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At this point, everyone is well aware of the FFIRs in their building. These faculty members live right amongst us as a part of “an ongoing university effort to create intimate “learning communities” for our students within the residence halls,” according to NYU’s position description for FFIRs. No matter how vague and administratively-written that sounds, the FFIRS actually do some pretty cool stuff. Some of them even have dogs!

Each week, residents can take advantage of the FFIR’s many film screenings, book discussions, and conversations with guest speakers. They provide free trips to drag shows and Broadway musicals, too. Read more…

Sorry, Everyone In Brooklyn, The MTA Won’t Be Refunding Your MetroCard

If we can learn anything from Taylor Momsen’s character on Gossip Girl (known for atrociously showing up to her Upper East Side high school armed with only “a bagged lunch and a MetroCard”), it’s that only people who live in Brooklyn take the subway – like, ever. Obviously, those NYU students in their cushy and cozy (sometimes very, very cozy) East Village apartments roll out of bed and directly into a car service every morning, and have all of their food and other wordly needs delivered to them. So it is only those brave souls (seniors) amongst the NYU student body who are affected by the MTA’s decision not to refund unlimited MetroCards, rendered unusable for nearly 1/4 of their lifespans (in some areas) during Hurricane Sandy.

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