G. Gabrielle Starr Announced As New CAS Dean

Last night John Sexton announced the appointment G. Gabrielle Starr as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. If that second name sounds familiar, it’s because Starr has been CAS’s Acting Dean since Fall 2011, when her predecessor made the move to NYU Shanghai.

Prior to that, Starr chaired the English Department, taught literature at NYU and Harvard, and racked up an impressive RateMyProfessor score.

But, according to an email sent to CAS and LSP students:

“Impressive as her qualifications are, what struck us—and the Search Committee—more was the job she has done over the last year-and-a-half as Acting Dean. From the start, she was an activist, looking for ways to improve education and the student experience in the College.”

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New Acting Dean Introduces CAS Open Hour

Gabrielle Starr is filling a gap this year on campus.

When former CAS Dean Matthew Santirocco jetted off to NYU Shanghai, Starr stepped in as Acting Dean. Though the position is temporary, she’s begun to make permanent changes in the College. One of these is resurrecting the CAS Dean’s Open Hour, the last of which was held in November 2007. Starr hosted the first of these sessions last week.

Per the college-wide e-mail Starr sent before the September 23 event, the event was created to let students ask “questions, concerns, or anything that may be on [their] mind.” Students gathered in a non-administrative-type room on Silver’s very-administrative-type ninth floor. A cozy alternative to the deluge outside, it offered couches and refreshments to those who did stop by. Read more…