An Interview with NYU Professor and Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer


Slumber party massacre the”>Jonathan Safran Foer had Googled me. Since January I’d been pestering him about doing an interview for us, and finally he agreed to a casual jaunt around the Village while I anxiously gripped my recorder and tried not to come off as a bumbling, neurotic fangirl. (Epic fail, BTW) But then he admitted to Googling me, and suddenly this was even less real than it had seemed while dorkily practicing my interview questions on the cab ride there: this was my favorite contemporary author, the one who penned infamously polarizing novels like Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and there he was in this ridiculous knit cap, acting eager to answer my questions and admitting to researching me on the internetz. I had long considered the day I would get to ask him anything I wanted, and now that that day had arrived, I kind of felt like vomiting. But I didn’t. I didn’t! And indeed I got the chance to interview one of the most talked-about contemporary authors in New York.

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