Straight Dudes React To Buzzfeed’s Dating Guide For NYU Girls

With a 60:40 female to male ratio, the odds are stacked against straight NYU girls when it comes to finding a straight male mate. Taking into account the sizable gay population here, the search for a boyfriend may sometimes seem depressingly hopeless. Last week, three NYU alumnae created Buzzfeed’s “Dating Guide For Every Straight Girl At NYU,” which expresses the common, if not wholly accurate notion that all guys at NYU are gay.

While a number of girls found this article to be true to experience, many people found the post to be insulting. As a result, NYU Local reached out to a few straight guys to see how they felt about the post and to get their perspective on how their dating lives are going.

Straight Dude, Number One

What was your reaction to the Buzzfeed post?

I thought it was pretty funny because parts of it are true. The whole thread is about how if you meet a guy you don’t know if he’s straight or gay, and that’s true because NYU does have a pretty predominant gay population. Whereas if you go to another college, most likely that person is straight, but the fact that you question it here kind of speaks to the population. Read more…

A Conversation With Rent a Gent’s CEO On Hanging With Talented, Beautiful Men

There’s a guy who exists who could easily impress your boss with his Ivy League education just as easily as he could allure your friends at a bachelorette party with his rock-hard abs and killer dance moves. Rent a Gent, an entertainment service created for women by women, lets you “rent” these types of men for dates, for entertainment, and even for teaching you a new skill (karate, anyone?).

Launched last November and based out of New York City with services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington D.C., Rent A Gent boasts an exclusive, curated assortment of sexy, smart, and sophisticated men who are perfect to be your next plus-one for virtually any occasion. Women may browse through the selection of men online offering their talents (at a $200/hour rate) to find the right match. We sat down with Sara Shikhman, CEO and co-founder of Rent a Gent to discuss her company, her gorgeous selection of men, and how her business is revolutionizing dating for women.

Read more…

Now Kiss: Frances and Jeff – It’s A Small Borough After All

Welcome back to Now Kiss, NYU Local’s blind date series that helps students find love at a “campus-less” school. Last time, we brought together writers Kelly and Ethan, who walked away from their date with positive feelings. This week, we matched up Frances and Jeff. In a bizarre coincidence, Frances happened to be…involved with Jeff’s roommate. Kinship ensued.

The match:

Frances, a sophomore in CAS, says her favorite Disney princess is Tarzan. Her hypothetical rap name is Carrot Styx.

Jeff, a sophomore in Tisch, is a musician who loves B-rated movies. John Cusack would play him on the big screen Read more…

I Bribed Some Random Guy To Date Me, It Didn’t Work

Look, we all get it. Dating is hard. It’s terrifying to crawl out of your self-constructed comfort cave (mine’s lined with paperbacks and a quilt my mom made me out of t-shirts) and expose your weary eyes to the blinding light of cutesy “first date” coffee shops. But for chrissake, the last thing that any sane person in this brave new world wants or needs is an app which allows you exchange almost anything — a shopping trip, a nice dinner, plastic surgery(!!) — for a date. Unfortunately, thanks to the groundbreaking genius of the same guy who came up with and set sail a fleet of Sugar Babies, we now have Carrot Dating, which does just that: from the comfort and safety of your smartphone, you can now bribe someone into dating you. Read more…

A Statistical Look At NYU’s Dating Scene: It’s Better Than You Might Expect

When NYU Local launched our matchmaking service and blind dating column Now Kiss in February, we didn’t expect a ton of applicants. Living in New York actively trains you not to make eye contact with strangers when you bump into them on the street. What could be more terrifying than sitting down with a stranger for a date — then preserving the date in all its awkward glory for the rest of eternity on the Internet?

To date, 123 brave NYU students have taken the plunge and signed up for blind dates. Here’s how it works: students fill out an application about themselves (here) and the type of person they’d like to meet. When a suitable match comes in, we set them up on a date. After the date, we collect the juicy details and publish them for your entertainment. After a semester and a half of receiving applications, we’ve found some intriguing data about the dating scene at NYU.

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Get Tongue-Tied With Our Greatest Make Out Movies

At long last, Fall has arrived and with it cooler weather, shitty pumpkin spice and finally an excuse to spend your night in, making out on the couch with your honey bunny. October is prime cuddle season and movie nights are the perfect place to practice this snuggly pleasure.

Choosing a movie to smooch to can be hard. It’s important to find a balance between an enjoyable cinematic narrative and the fact that you’ll likely be too distracted with lip-locking to actually watch it. A make-out movie shouldn’t be so complicated that a ten-minute distraction would spoil the experience. Avoid films like Mulholland Drive, Memento or Run Lola Run that require a lot of attention and focus. Violent, depressing or gory movies aren’t the best choice either, because they’re just boner-killers. No one feels romantic with Amistad, Reservoir Dogs or Clockwork Orange in the background. Finding an ideal make-out movie can be a tricky decision, but don’t fret! Say goodbye to frustrating scrolls through Netflix or HBOGo (You lucky dog!) NYU Local is saving you more time for canoodling with this helpful list of the 9 greatest films to only sort-of watch. Read more…

Are You Sexually Frustrated And At Least 65% Quirky? This New Dating Site Is For You

NYU is notorious for killing your love life. It leaves many students single, sad, and frustrated about not getting any. At the same time, it’s also known for being one of the least conventional colleges in the country, attracting a range of eccentric types.

Dating tools such as OKCupid, Grindr, and Tinder may aid in finding that one perfect partner, but sometimes its users are oh-so-basic. Sometimes you just want to be with someone special who will listen to Architecture in Helsinki with you while scrolling through photos of cats in space and crocheting tapir-shaped sweaters for your pet iguana. Read more…

Now Kiss: Max and Cristina’s Blind Date

Welcome back to Now Kiss, NYU Local’s blind date series that helps students find love at a “campus-less” school. Last time, we helped ignite sparks between Nick and Nora. This week, we brought together Max and Cristina, two students with plenty of enthusiasm and wit between them to make for an entertaining outing.

The match: 

Max, a Wagner grad student and political writer who owns zero pairs of Toms and one day plans to propose with his great-grandma’s engagement ring.

Cristina, a Steinhardt junior and foodie with a big personality. Penélope Cruz would play her in a movie.

Read more…

Now Kiss: Nick And Nora Look for Love On A Blind Date

Welcome back to Now Kiss, NYU Local’s blind date series that helps students find love at a “campus-less” school. Last semester, we set up slam poet Eric and Tischie Jenna, freshman couple Graham and Kelly, and polar opposites Chris and Julia, among others.

This week, we matched Nick and Nora because of their mutual love of screenwriting, occasionally inappropriate senses of humor, and Jewish heritage. The twee pseudonyms are a nice touch, aren’t they?

The match:

Nick is a junior in Gallatin. He’s a nice Jewish boy who thrives on good conversation and likes film and TV.

Nora is a sophomore in Tisch. She’s a musical theater junkie from the middle of nowhere. She’d like to join the Peace Corps.

Read more…

NYU Local Blind Dating Returns! (Click For The Link)

Finding a date in New York isn’t as easy as Sex and the City would have you believe. Unless you’re still with your high school sweetheart, met your soulmate while reaching for the same book in Bobst, or are brave enough to try Date My School (or NYU Hook Ups — we won’t judge), you might find yourself without a gentleman or lady caller this Friday night.

NYU Local wants to solve your romantic woes with our column Now Kiss. Armed with a batch of Cupid’s arrows, we want to set you up with another NYU student on a blind date. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us about yourself and your ideal match here.
  2. We match you with another Violet looking for love. You’ll receive an email detailing when and where to meet your date.
  3. Enjoy your blind date!
  4. Report back with all the juicy details.
  5. We feature you in the next edition of Now Kiss.

Past issues include the adventures of slam poet Eric and Tischie Jenna. What about the adorable freshman couple of Graham and Kelly? Definitely not the misfire between gentleman stoner Chris and scruff-lover Julia.  Best-case scenario, you find the love of your life, showcase nauseating PDA on Facebook, and invite us to your wedding five years from now. Worst-case scenario, you make awkward small chat for two hours and walk away with a fun story. What are you waiting for?