Which Upcoming Netflix Series Are Worth The Binge?

Last time we checked, spending eight or twelve straight days in bed to marathon your new favorite TV show is very definition of paradise. In the past, binge-watching has been reserved only for catching up on already-aired seasons, but now Netflix is changing the game.

The video streaming service tested the first season of Lilyhammer last year—Steven Van Zandt stars as a New York gangster starting life over in Norway—with lukewarm results, but hit its stride with the addictive House of Cards.

If the political drama is any indication of Netflix’s talent, the rest of 2013 may very well revolve around you, a dark room, and the soft glow of your laptop. Three shows will premiere this spring, beginning this Sunday with Bad Samaritans. Although Netflix hasn’t revealed much, we take a stab at determining which new series are worth the binge.

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How To Properly Marathon A TV Series Between Now And Finals

Whether you went on a Harmony Korine-style spring break or just lived on your couch watching TV all week, now that school is back you’re going have to deal with Bobst and the works until May comes around and you are free once again. And although that’s seven weeks of class, it’s also seven weeks of opportunity to burn through a TV series as you coast towards finals.

There’s a right way how to marathon through a show, and Local is here to aid your procrastination habits. May 13th is the last day of classes. With seven weeks left, that means there are 55 days. Therefore, to figure out how hard you’ve got to be watching TV, do some math: divide total # of episodes by 55 to see how many you have to watch per day.

Here’s a simple strategy for six shows that would be relevant to watch right now, ranked easiest to hardest to complete time-wise. Already seen these ones? Rewatch! Or do some math and go crazy with whatever show it is you do want to watch. Finals are looming, the time to distract yourself begins now.

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What Does House of Cards Mean for the Future of Binge-Watching?

As college students, we may watch a fair amount of TV. Typically, just not when it airs.

We watch Girls on HBO Go when we get the chance, but who even has HBO to catch it when it first comes on anyway? We hit Netflix and binge-watch shows we’ve been meaning to get into, blowing through them over a weekend, because once you get into Breaking Bad, why stop? The current entertainment distribution model is designed to be as personalized and customizable as possible. And as such, as part of that ostensible target demographic, when it comes to Netflix’s hugely hyped new original series House of Cards, we’re put into a unique position.

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