July 24th, 2014

Beat Summertime Sadness And Go To The New York State Fair

The “Great” New York State Fair that takes place in Syracuse is a veritable mess, a beautiful, beautiful mess of attempted state spirit, food that will bring about a premature heart attack and people wearing outfits that mix camo and spandex. However, it is a quintessential New York State right of passage, and one that will send you sprinting back towards the sanity and comfort of New York City. Seriously, one time I saw a vendor selling Confederate flag gear. Things get weird upstate.

The New York State Fair runs from August 21 to September 1, the week and a half before school starts, so if you need to validate your reasoning for living in New York City or if you want at least a couple crazy stories to share from your summer you should hop on the bus—it’s a measly four and a half hour ride—and bring yourself to real Upstate New York. Surviving the State Fair isn’t as easy as packing a lot of sunblock and wearing as little clothing as possible. Heads up: you can legally not wear pants at the fair for some reason; it’s all about a good plan of attack. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for the New York State Fair’s main events.

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10 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Week Than You

It’s Thursday, which means that if you haven’t thrown yourself into the fountain out of pure despair yet, you’re probably getting pretty close. Finals week—that bastion of tears and stomach-churning and teeth chattering—is starting to get the best of us.

But don’t let yourself go all the way to Crazy Town. Instead, take some time from that 10 page paper to bask in the strange, sad, and mysterious misfortunes of others. Because hey, why not feel a little better about the loss of your own mind for a while?

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the following list of people having way worse of a time than you right now:

1) A cab driver who pulled over to pick a person up and suddenly found himself chauffeuring a criminal.

A South Florida (OF COURSE) cab driver announced that “driving a cab is a dangerous job” after picking up a man who allegedly robbed a bank. Read more…

Local Stops: Obama Traffic, Eddie Huang, And Solange-Inspired Political Beefs


The traffic nightmares that come with the President being in New York for two days can only be categorized as an a(O)bomination.

Political beef explain by Solange and Jay-Z .gifs.

Check out the trailer for Eddie Huang’s new show, ‘Fresh Off The Boat.’

With the 9/11 Memorial Museum opening next week, the New York Times has a powerful interactive tour of the new exhibit.

Idea for post-final dance.

Photo of the day by Caleb Savage

Apple Might Have Dropped Major Bucks To Buy Beats, But Why?

Why would Apple spend $3.2 billion to buy Beats, a company best known for overpriced headphones and an underwhelming streaming music service? And does it even matter?

Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed tech geek who reads The Verge and Ars Technica every morning before tweeting at your toaster to make breakfast, you might have heard about the rumored deal between Apple and Beats Electronics, the company founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, which would give Apple ownership over the company to the tune of $3.2 billion. You might be wondering – what’s the big deal? Don’t companies buy other companies every other week?

To a certain extent, that’s true. Google bought (then sold) Motorola, Disney bought Marvel and Facebook bought WhatsApp, to name just a few recent big acquisitions. But while Apple buys small companies all the time, the rumored Beats deal would be the first time Apple buys a company for over a billion dollars. In fact, the rumored $3.2 billion figure dwarfs the next largest Apple deal, its acquisition of NeXT for $429 million in 1996. When Apple buys companies, they usually do so to acquire a highly specific technology or to poach people at the top of their fields.

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Procrastinate Through Finals with 2048 Graduation Edition

For your procrastination pleasures, we have created an edition of the addicting 2048 game featuring this year’s graduation speakers. Don’t recognize some of the faces? You’ll see them again at graduation, so scroll down to see their names.

… Except for the 2048 tile. The celebrity on that tile will remain a secret until the first person to beat the game reveals it in the comments section. The winner gets on last set of collegiate bragging rights.

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You Missed Out On Your One Chance For Finals Week Happiness: Free Cone Day

While you were sleeping in studying on your all-important “Reading Day” yesterday, ice cream-goers all across the country were taking advantage of the actual purpose of the day: Haagen-Dazs’s Free Cone Day.

But don’t worry! Some students, like CAS junior Rowen, were smart enough to take a break from all that cramming for a free treat at the E. 8th St. location and are happy to tell you about it.

After waiting in line for half an hour, Rowen had no hesitation when she said that she had no regrets. “I’ve been studying politics all day. It’s definitely worth it.” Even though odds are slim that Haagen-Dazs planned the nationwide date to align with finals weeks, it’s a happy coincidence. “I don’t know if Haagen-Dazs planned it that way, but if they did, it’s really cool,” she said. “But I feel like NYU probably just had it land like that.”

And so she went on to get her free chocolate peanut butter cone—a ray of cheer in the otherwise dark and stormy sky that is finals week. Read more…

Take A Break From The Playoffs And Welcome Back Stan Van Gundy

The NBA playoffs are currently dominating headlines and, from controversial finishes to the Indiana Pacers swinging back and forth from contender to pretender, the games have given us much to talk about. After what many called the greatest first round ever, the conference semifinals have struggled to deliver the same excitement, but all should be right in the world when we get to the Conference Finals.

But, there’s another part of the NBA that is also in full gear: the league’s couching carousel. The amount of head coaching turnover amongst the 30 teams in the NBA is almost a joke at this point; only one current head coach has been in place before 2008 (Gregg Popovich). Just last week, Mark Jackson of the Golden State Warriors was canned after leading them to a Game 7 against the more-talented Los Angeles Clippers. Yesterday, Mike Brown was fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers, marking the second time he’s been let go in as many years (the Los Angeles Lakers sacked him last year).

Perhaps the Steve Kerr Sweepstakes which looks to be down to the Warriors and New York Knicks is the one people are talking about the most, but the news that may be most intriguing of all is last night’s report that Stan Van Gundy will become the Detroit Pistons’ head coach and top executive. Read more…

Catch Up On All The NYU News You Missed From This Year Here

The year has been exhausting. Between your studies, internships, and anxiety, it can be hard to find the time to stay up-to-date on what’s happening around you.

We get it. It’s cool. Click a few Facebook links and say you read the news. Convince yourself that you’re not ignorant. But let’s face it: stuff has been happening all year, and you might have missed some of it. The 2013-2014 academic year has been an eventful one, filled with booming student activity. So in case you did happen to skip a few days, here’s a roundup of the most noteworthy on-campus events since August: 

Local Stops: Horrible Dudes And A Godzilla Attack

Someone is writing the names of Columbia University’s alleged rapists on bathroom walls.

Alec Baldwin was arrested today for disorderly conduct and riding his bike the wrong on 5th Avenue.

“He weathered the storm of irritations with his characteristic fortitude, eyes trained on his dog-eared Noam Chomsky reader.” Everyone needs to read this liberal dude erotica.

Batman does not look happy to be played by Ben Affleck.

“Godzilla would produce 12,921,400 gallons of urine per day.” New York City officials plan for a Godzilla attack.

Photo of the Day by Rishi Bandopadhay.

Tuesday Track Finals Playlist: 7 Stages of Grief Edition

Finals week is upon us, and you know what that means: no, not studying, but rather making sure you have the right music for studying. Many people work best to soft mood music like gentle instrumentals or classical tunes, but rather than soothing the stress of finals week with music like this, we at NYU Local recommend you treat finals like what they actually are, which is death.

The process of taking finals, like losing a prized goldfish, is generally characterized by a long period of depression, isolation and loneliness. Those who are done with finals, already free to frolic in the joyous summer that is always in sight but forever just out of our grasp, might not understand these feelings, and so it is important that you have music that properly supports and understand you in these stressful times.

After careful deliberation we’ve made a detailed playlist of music that (often quite literally) represents each of seven stages of finals grief. Put this playlist on, and hopefully you will emerge from this week safe and sound.

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