April 17th, 2014

Tuesday Track: Jai Paul — “BTSTU”

Jai Paul, come back to us. On April 14 of 2013, almost a year ago to the to day, British musician Jai Paul’s self-titled debut album was posted on BandCamp, only to be taken down by XL Recordings and called an unauthorized leak of demos by Paul himself. Since then he’s been totally quiet, releasing very little (if any) music and apparently giving no interviews. It’s a crying shame, because tracks like “BTSTU,” one of his only officially released singles which was put out back in 2011, reflect just how ahead of his time Jai Paul is.

Jai Paul’s bootleg demo album features an incredible variety of sounds and styles, and “BTSTU” represents Paul’s darker, more electronic side. Where many of his tracks are cacophonous combinations of many disparate elements, “BTSTU” features a simplified, downbeat flow.

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“Glow Parties” Are The Latest Trend That Already Existed

While “all-ages” parties are not exactly a new phenomenon, the festivities of glow parties — ragers with glow sticks and strobes lights that are often listed as alcohol-free and populated by kids as young as 16 — have recently come under heat for their rather lax drug policy. But why the concern now?

The latest, a party that was supposed to take place this past Saturday in Middlesex, NJ was postponed, presumably after arousing the local authorities’ suspicions. On the surface, the bash, aptly named “Hyperglow” appeared to be a pseudo-rave of sorts, inviting large groups of tweens (who paid 40 bucks) to engage in alcohol-free, techno-fun. But authorities had reason to believe more would have gone on.

The tri-state area is one of many places that hosts “glow parties,” appropriately named after the glow sticks that are often fixtures at these events. Unfortunately, the associations that have come to accompany these props aren’t so innocent. I’m talking about Molly.

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Resurrected New York Cosmos Supported By Maple Syrup-Wielding Superfans

cosmos logoThis past Sunday, the New York Cosmos played their opening game of the 2014 season against the Atlanta Silverbacks, their opponent in last year’s Soccer Bowl. As the Cosmos scored again and again, the supporters behind the home goal cheered. The Borough Boys had brought a huge cardboard cutout of Pelé’s face. La Banda del Cosmos came in with a drum line, marching the entire length of the stadium to their seats behind the goal. The Cross Island Crew brought flags and banners. It was unclear who brought the confetti, the fire extinguishers filled with green foam, and the smoke bombs. What was clear was their passion for the New York Cosmos, a soccer club who currently called Hofstra University’s Shuart Stadium home.

You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t been following the resurrection of the New York Cosmos. Founded in 1971, the original Cosmos team were well known for signing international stars Pelé, Giorgio Chinaglia, and Franz Beckenbauer. Attendance declined after Pelé’s retirement, with the club finally folding in 1985, but the name of the team remained renowned. Desire for a resurrection was steady throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s, especially with the rise of the MLS, finally culminating in the club’s return in 2010. The New York Cosmos play in the second division North American Soccer League, itself a rebirth of the original first division League that the Cosmos played in during their original run.

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The Streamlined Voting Of The All-University Elections

For all the complaints NYU students have — whether they’re about housing, tuition, being forced to walk to class through flurries, or anything else —  only 11% of students voted in last year’s All-University Elections, which select student senators and each college’s student council. However, this week students have a chance at redemption. Yesterday marked the beginning of this year’s All-University Elections, and student leaders are hoping for a better voter turnout.

Mariam Ehrari, the chair of the Student Senator’s Council (SSC), sent out an email announcing that voting is now open. In the email she called upon students to take charge of their university’s future, stating “this is your university, so take part in shaping it. Have your voice heard.” Read more…

Just In Time For Finals, The Anatomy Of A Latte

There haven’t been any legitimate studies done, but we don’t need statistics to know that come finals season, caffeine consumption increases in direct proportion to how many finals you have (while controlling for level of difficulty). The more iced coffees you drink and the more lattes you order, the faster your economic resources dwindle. It’s easy to forget what you’ve gotten yourself into at Think or Starbucks until you hear your combination of espresso and steamed milk costs $4.75 for a medium and entertain turning around and walking out the door.

But, like any good addict, we commit. The argument has been made many a time that if we were to cut out one coffee or latte a day we could save, $500 or $1 billion a year (respectively). But nobody cares. Why else do people make money but to spend it on the things they love? So, while there may not be much residual guilt while we sip away at our espresso diluted with steamed milk, we figured it couldn’t hurt to know why coffee and espresso and respective caffeinated drinks cost so damn much (in New York). If we’re going to spend the money (and we are definitely going to), we might as well know where it’s going.

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[PHOTOS] NYU Divest Made Noise At Sexton’s Latest Town Hall

Yesterday’s Town Hall with John Sexton was a bit more eventful than usual. Our president, rocking a casual blue hoodie and sipping from a bottle of Perrier, responded to some passionate students who had trekked up to the ninth floor of Kimmel to voice their opinions on university-related issues. Mariam Ehrari, the charming Queen Bee of our Student Senators Council, played master of ceremonies for this event.

As soon as Ehrari pulled out the first question from a fishbowl, Sophie Lasoff, a Gallatin junior, jumped towards the microphone. She was there to represent NYU Divest, a group that identifies itself as “a coalition of NYU community members dedicated to divesting our university’s endowment from the fossil fuel industry.”

Lasoff’s question was more of a plea. She claimed that Divest has been requesting to meet privately with Sexton for over a year now, and she desperately begged for his agreement to sit down and talk about NYU’s relationship with fossil fuel companies. Read more…

Make The Most Of The Tribeca Film Festival

The 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival starts tomorrow — and if you are a film fan like me but have never been to a film festival, this news could be equally exciting and intimidating.

Sure, you may have caught up with all the Academy Award nominees and may have seen “The Grand Budapest Hotel” more than once, but since the Festival offers approximately 200 films, it is time to step out of your comfort zone. With a student’s budget and schedule, this may be daunting, but by taking advantage of all the cool events that Tribeca has to offer, you can have a great time without using the last of your spring semester funds.

Film Selection

This is not your average trip to the movies: the line-up will consist primarily of films that you have never heard of — but that is the best thing about film festivals. This year’s Tribeca Film Festival opens with the Nas documentary “Time Is Illmatic” and closes with John Carney’s “Begin Again,” which features Keira Knightly, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam Levine. In between such an awesome opener and closer are the best films gleaned from more than 6,000 submissions, practically guaranteeing that at least one will catch your interest.

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Local Stops: American Airlines, Michael Phelps, Black Keys And More

If you tweet terrorist threats to American Airlines, you will be investigated. Even if you are joking.

Airbnb: once a wholesome platform to open your home to strangers, now used for dens of human sin.

Michael Phelps might be coming out of retirement for Rio 2016.

Fireworks on the East River!

There’s a new Black Keys song out today, and we don’t hate it!

Martin Lipton To Step Down As Chairman Of Board Of Trustees [UPDATED]

Martin Lipton will step down as chairman of NYU’s board of trustees next year, the New York Times reports.

“I am getting too old and have served too long,” Lipton told the Times this Friday.

Lipton, who has been head of the board of trustees for 16 years, will remain on the board, but in a lesser capacity, as one of the board’s 65 acting members. His exit from the leadership position comes at a critical moment of change for the University: Lipton and President John Sexton are two of NYU’s most powerful directors. But with Lipton stepping down next year, and Sexton following in 2016, the University will soon undergo a significant change in leadership.

Lipton’s resignation will also affect the decision of NYU’s next president. According to the Times, Sexton was Lipton’s “handpicked choice” for president in 2002. With Lipton absent from the next selection process, the board might take a different direction in selecting the next university president. Read more…

A Rangers Fan’s Ode To “Fatso,” The Goalie I Should Hate But Can’t

At the risk of being that guy who over-eulogizes sports, every season has certain patterns. You start and there’s hope; rookies and new acquisitions have theoretically unlimited potential and, as the cliche says, everyone’s record is 0-0.

Then come the doldrums, when the playoffs seem an eternity away and no one seems to really like anything about the game they love. Then, the season finishes. One team is happy while everyone else starts golfing. Players are traded, leave as free agents or retire. The team never leaves but, next season when the hope returns, it won’t be the same.

That latter part may have happened yesterday, as Marty Brodeur skated off the Prudential Center ice for the final time this season. In a Sparknotes summary: Brodeur has been with the Devils his entire career (since 1991) and is arguably the best goalie of modern hockey. The NHL made a rule that was essentially because of him. He’s won three Stanley Cups and four Vezinas (for the season’s best goaltender). He’s everything I should hate, but I can’t. Read more…