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/ May 14, 2014
Procrastinate Through Finals with 2048 Graduation Edition

For your procrastination pleasures, we have created an edition of the addicting 2048 game featuring this year’s graduation speakers. Don’t recognize some of the faces? You’ll see them again at graduation, so scroll down to see their names.

… Except for the 2048 tile. The celebrity on that tile will remain a secret until the first person to beat the game reveals it in the comments section. The winner gets on last set of collegiate bragging rights.

Procrastination awaits you after the jump!

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Janet Yellen (2) will speak at the All-University Commencement at Yankee Stadium. Aretha Franklin (4), Elena Kagan (8), Martin Edelman (128), and Mariano Rivera (16) will receive honorary doctorates. Rachel Robinson (32) will escort Rivera to the podium. Michael and Judy Steinhardt (256) will receive the Gallatin Medal, and Daniel Doctoroff (512) will recieve the Rudin Award. The Tisch graduation will feature Martin Scorsese, and Bill Clinton (1024) will speak at the first Abu Dhabi graduation.

Did you beat the game? Leave a comment with the name of the celebrity on the 2048 tile.

ImageĀ via. This graduation game is based on Gabriele Cirulli’s 2048.