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/ May 9, 2014
Six Fictional NYU Students Who Made It Through Finals (And You Will, Too!)

Finals suck. We all know that. We go through them every single year, but for some reason, they never get any easier. And this year’s definitely no different. We have a week and a half left of them, which may seem like eternity. But fortunately, we have something other schools don’t—fictional alumni to keep us going. Through all of their made-up trials and tribulations, they somehow managed to power through and make it to the other side. If they can do it, so can we. Right? Or that’s how the (hopeful) logic goes at least.

Whether or not it’s true is a different story. But in any case, here are six fictional NYU alums who made it through finals. Hopefully we can all do the same.

1) Alex from In Good Company

All those sugar babies out there can probably relate to this one. In In Good Company, Alex forms a “friendship” with her dad’s friend Carter, who was just dumped by his wife. During her time at NYU, this “friendship” blossoms into the fuck buddy situation that we all expected. Her father finds out, forces them to break up, and in the end she realizes her dad is right. Plus, what does Alex need Carter for when she has all that studying to do?

2) Felicity from Felicity

So technically Felicity went to the University of New York. But it was NYU. She had to deal with a goth Wiccan roommate who regularly cast spells on her, travel back and forth in time to right various wrongs in her life, all while keeping a job at Dean & DeLuca. So while you’re rushing to finish your 200-page thesis, just be glad you don’t have the added stress of time travel in the mix. Or actually, on second thought, maybe not.

3) Darin from Seinfeld

Seinfeld’s Darin may not be the most memorable character, but he went to NYU, so we will artificially inflate his importance. He starts off as an intern for Kramer’s “Kramerica Industries,” but NYU makes him leave because the company is only “a solitary man with a messy apartment which may or may not contain a chicken.” But Darin fights the man and ends up keeping his job, before mysteriously disappearing forever. Probably to study for finals.

4) Theo from The Cosby Show

Okay, maybe Theo Huxtable’s not the best example of someone who had a rough go at finals. He was the perfect son in the perfect family, with the perfect room and the perfect headphones to aid his perfect study time. But wait! While he was at NYU, he found out that he suffered from dyslexia! An obstacle for sure, but it just motivated him to work harder, and at the end of the series, we’re rewarded with his NYU graduation with a degree in psychology. What an inspiring, heart-warming, bow-wrapped ending. Now you go do the same.

5) Em from Adventureland

Em Lewin’s life was not exactly a piece of cake. Her father was a rich lawyer and she had no need for money (hence NYU), but the Adventureland character took a job at the theme park just to get out of the house. Between that and her affair with the maintenance man, it was a tough time get through finals. But she did it, and so can you.

6) Dan from Gossip Girl

If Gossip Girl wasn’t the main reason you applied to NYU, you’re lying. While Blair, Vanessa and Georgina all join Dan at NYU, their plotlines are far less Violet-intensive. Dan suffered a mid-college crisis and transferred (presumably from CAS) to Tisch for their writing program. The penultimate episode of season 3 consisted of a terrible Snow White/Lady Gaga hybrid of a play. If that was a passing final, yours should be a breeze.

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