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/ May 9, 2014
Local Stops: Mariah Carey Is Amazing And John Sexton Is Rocking NYU Local Swag

Turns out those ultra-thin glove shoes you’re wearing may be doing more harm than good, so take them off already. You look like an idiot.

The prolific feminist theorist and author bell hooks called Beyoncé a terrorist during a recent discussion at the New School; don’t freak out, just read what she has to say (and check out hooks groovin’ to “Drunk in Love” despite her reservations).

Some geniuses at Time made a Mariah Carey album title generator: “Me. I am NYU Local…The Toilsome Prestidigitator.”

Community got cancelled. Tumblr is going to be insufferable this weekend.

Photo of the century, starring National Editor Joe Kozlowski and NYU President John Sexton, by Jackson Krule.