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/ May 7, 2014
Your 2014 Graduation Tickets Open Thread

Have a gigantic family? Have or need extra tickets to the Commencement ceremony in a few weeks? We got you. Leave a comment below if you need an extra for your cousin’s new boyfriend, or if you have an extra one because your cousin just dumped her boyfriend. Maybe offer money? That’s on you though.

If you have extra tickets, say so! Seniors will love you forever.

Be sure to use your full name and real email address so we can approve your comment. It’s our comment policy. You can gift, trade, barter, and sell any tickets — school or all-university. Go for it! Advertise sexual favors. Make your parents proud.

To keep things clean, we’ll be deleting comments from people who have found their true love, or bought/sold already. If you’re being bombarded, just shoot us an email at tips (at) nyulocal (dot) com and we’ll delete your comment.

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