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/ April 30, 2014
What Not To Wear: NYU Nightlife Edition

It’s the freshman’s dilemma: how do you dress for a night out in the city, without looking like an 18-year-old Ohio transplant? We decided to pick a few of the popular bars near campus and analyze their unwritten dress codes. Whether you’re trying to kick it with the frat bros or hang with the hipsters, we’ve got the details on what to where and where to wear it. Check out our thoughts on how to dress when going out near campus:

1. Josie Woods Pub

Although Josie’s has recently been attracting a slightly different crowd, it still holds a place in our hearts as the number one freshman hotspot. Regardless, it’s always possible to end up there at the end of the night, and the regulars definitely rock a specific look. The bar serves as the after-party for frat bros and sorority sisters, and bar-goers’ outfits reflect this. For spring, it would be appropriate for girls to wear casual dresses and sandals, while guys should definitely wear a button down if they’re trying to fit in with the frat brothers.

2. Brad’s

Josie’s rival, Brad’s, gives off a more laid-back vibe.  While people can be found standing, this is also the type of place to go to with friends for food and drinks. This is definitely the spot to break out your plaid button downs and beanies. You could also go with a more dramatic look, and wear all black like the Tischies do. There’s no need for heels here, so cheers to that.

3. Fiddlesticks

Along with the normal NYU crowd, Fiddlesticks is a popular place for people in their 20’s looking to go out after work. To fit in with this business-casual crowd, it’s important to look the part. Girls should definitely wear heels, especially if they’re planning on getting past the bouncer. There is wiggle room here with the actual clothing though, and anything from jeans and a tank top to a summer sundress would work. Boys, you know the drill, button downs are always the answer.

4. Le Souk

Now onto the hookah bar section of the list. Le Souk is conveniently located two blocks away from Bobst, but late night studying attire is not appropriate. This hookah bar has a “dancey” vibe, and its dress code is the most similar to club attire out of all of the spots we chose. This is the place to break out trendy looks such as harem pants and heels, or nighttime hat. Once again, button downs for the boys, or a t-shirt and jacket if you’re looking to mix things up.

5. Sahara Citi

Even though Sahara Citi, the hookah bar next to Palladium, isn’t as close to Bobst, you could get away with wearing pajamas. This one is a real free-for-all. It is a sit-down venue and good for large groups, and the most casual of our list. The chill atmosphere makes it perfectly acceptable to wear flip-flops, shorts, and a t-shirt for boys and girls alike.

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