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/ April 21, 2014
Local Stops: Internet Teenagers, Jesus, Flume, And AMERICA

That thing in New York Magazine on internet celebrity makes us feel some toxic combination of alienation, self-righteousness, poorly defined nostalgia and a smattering of annoyance. Do we feel OLD?? Is this how Alex Balk feels always? Does it just get worse from here, wherein life becomes a treadmill attempt to justify our own irrelevance through post-hoc canonization and overzealous grouchiness? Is the only salvation the silent grave? We might need to Logan’s Run this. NYU Local is over. Hail attractive annoying teenagers. They can inherit our WordPress. They can have our Twitter. We fade into the mist, like old wizards returning to green western lands. (This guy’s kinda great though.)

In addition to being Hitler’s birthday, an arbitrary cannabis appreciation holiday, and the interminable back end of Passover, yesterday was also Easter. At a Red Wings game (hockey, you plebeians, GOSH), Jesus showed up. He took selfies. Jesus can kick it.

Editor Claire talked to Australian electronic producer Flume last night. He’s a cutie. He’s a Serious Creator of Powerful Art and yeah he’s really cute, SORRY!

President Barack Obama: peacemaker, warmonger, hewer of drone warfare and funny faces.

The Boston Marathon happened today. An American won for the first time in 31 years! Let’s take this time to indulge in a little American supremacy chest-beating. Everyone loves that! U-S-A! Suck it, other countries!