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/ April 11, 2014
Shrink Your Spending and Expand Your Waistline By Eating NYU-Funded Free Food

I know what you’ve been thinking: “God, I wish there was some way to save money by eating for free that doesn’t include digging through trashcans!” But don’t you worry your $22 American Apparel panties into a bunch, for cost-free eating is possible — even in New York City! 

In my full investigation of free food in the city, I spent a week attempting to live on as many on-campus handouts as I could, and have determined that it is definitely possible; however, it may take a little planning in advance. 

Take Advantage of the Free Food Event Calendar: Despite having a notoriously stingy reputation, many, if not most of NYU’s events are prime opportunities to eat for free. In fact, NYU’s website even hosts its very own free food event calendar that is updated regularly.

But, if you’re looking for to grab a free meal and then get back on the go, you might want to look elsewhere, for these are primarily academic, lecture-type events. While most events are open to the entire student body, many require attendants to RSVP in advance.

But hey, they’re a great opportunity to both eat and do that whole learning free of charge.

Check Out NYU’s Clubs and Student Organizations: Are you looking to expand your horizons by joining a club or other student organization? Me either. But, if you’re willing to pretend to be interested, you’re opening yourself up to nearly endless opportunities for free food. Maybe explore your political side and RSVP for the NYU Politics Society’s Spring Social, or maybe help the NYU Green club do some community gardening work for the reward of healthy free snacks. Club meetings are a great place to silence your rumbling tummy.

But if that seems like too much commitment for you to handle, there’s still hope! Keep your eyes peeled when you’re in Kimmel and Bobst for free club handouts.

Utilize Social Media: Twitter is great not only for expressing your 140-character passive aggressive thoughts, but also for helping NYU students eat for free. While Free Food NYU is there to alert you of food freebies on and around campus, Eat Up New York will help your tummy stay full wherever you are in the city.

Actually Read the Posters Near the Elevators in Your Dorm: While it takes a special breed of person to be active in a residence hall’s student assembly, it takes only a hungry person to make the most of the events made possible by their more-involved peers’ enthusiasm. Most of the “fun”, community-building opportunities hosted by the residence hall activity boards involve free snacks and beverages. If you can push the shame of being at a dorm activity out of your mind for just an hour or two, they’re an easy way to keep you from starving.

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