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/ April 1, 2014
10 Of The Best NYU Secrets Yet

After almost a year and a half of community-building and churning out college angst, NYU Secrets is approaching 5,000 posts. Since its creation, NYU Secrets has become an outlet for NYU students — or just Facebook users in general — to share their stories, struggles, accomplishments, and complaints with the public. Because all posts on NYU Secrets are anonymous, the page generates an uninhibited atmosphere that fosters an incredible diversity of opinions and secrets, and represents the social climate at NYU in a way that it has never been represented before.

In a comment on one of his posts, the NYU Secrets Admin claims that he has “read easily over 30,000 secrets.” As the page approaches 5,000 published secrets, we commemorate the upcoming milestone with 10 of the very best short secrets to grace the mysterious Admin’s inbox, in no particular order. Some are scandalous, some are hilarious, and some are just a little sad. 

1: Nipplephobia:

2: Hot for Teacher:

3: Networkers Anonymous:

4: The Thirst Is Real:

5: J-Sexy’s Prayer:

6: Do You I.M. Your Mother With That Hand?

7: Just Me, Myself, and I:

8: Girls Saves Lives:


10: Getting It In To Get In:

As the number of posts on NYU Secrets has grown, there have been multiple requests for the creation of a book that would act as a compilation of the published secrets. This past weekend, the NYU Secrets Admin asked for public input and support as he considers moving forward with this idea. I will let his post speak for itself.

So, whaddya say we turn this list into a novel?

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