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/ March 31, 2014
Feeling Isolated At NYU [INFOGRAPHIC]

infographic on isolation at New York University nyu


Many of the students who feel lonely here describe a large student body spread through an anonymous city with no campus or school spirit to create a sense of community. While it can certainly be hard to make friends here, data about the number of students who leave campus every year reveals that keeping friends may be the larger challenge.

Most universities have an attrition rate that’s about equal to their graduation rate, but NYU community faces the additional pressure of the highest study abroad rates in the country and a notably high freshmen transfer rate. Students leaving for other universities, portal campuses, and the real world make the New York campus a transience: almost a third of the student body moves elsewhere every year, straining friendships and communities. Not that on-campus student life is so strong; key indicators like on-campus housing and greek membership reveal that the students’ lives don’t center around the university.

[Editor’s Note: Badass infographic via the author.]