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/ March 24, 2014
Shoshanna’s NYU Experience Got Way Too Real On Girls Last Night

Shoshanna is real.

Girls ended its third season last night with an emotional episode that maintained a level of probably-not-something-that-would-happen-IRL plot twists. Lena Dunham leaves us slightly proud of Hannah, still hating Marnie, and generally confused about Jessa, but we can’t help but feel for Shoshanna—or just plain feel like Shoshanna. Because [SPOILER] everyone’s favorite fast-talker landed rough last night.

For the first two seasons, the NYU student seemed at odds with reality. But as this season panned out, Shosh became a real person and even a real college student, culminating with her inability to graduate from NYU on time. One failed class and Shoshanna is pretty much screwed. It’s too real.

Shoshanna’s legitimacy as an accurate portrayal of an NYU student on Girls has been, up until now, shaky at best. Before this season, Shosh wasn’t seen anywhere near a sleazy Hayden party or even reading a book. She lives in a way nice apartment in Manhattan and doesn’t appear to have a major. It is not atypical to have a complete life outside NYU, but a lot of students are still students and do student-y things. In our minds, Shoshanna was all dream boards and Juicy Couture tracksuits – very real, but not that real.

2012 Shoshanna was a caricature of someone we all know, but 2014 Shoshanna is someone we’ve all been. Dunham finally gives us a character that falls asleep in Bobst, skips class to have sex and struggles with doing homework while living with a crazy roommate. Shosh’s post-Ray bender puts a damper on her so-called academic career that we’ve never seen from her before. A panicked Shoshanna is facing the real-world stress of graduating on time, which is definitely a relatable situation for anyone with a smidge of a social life. Being a girl on Girls and being a successful college student is hard, and now—finally—they’ve caught up with each other.

Shoshanna’s discovery, though anxiety inducing, was the star moment of last night’s episode. She’s fast-talking her way through the scene when the audience figures out that she’s totally fucked. Like, totally. Shosh is missing 3 credits because she failed a class. Plausible. Watching her blame her “bitchy professor?” Been there, done that. When you fail a class, what’s to do other than blame the professor? The violent mental breakdown looks exactly like our Sunday night freakouts before midterms begin. Marnie’s attempt to cheer her up is received with sarcasm as she stammers, “Thanks, it’s really helpful to know you were a fuck-up too.”

When the scene ends, all we can think is that Shoshanna is real – Shoshanna is all of us! Does this make her God? Probably.

Dunham ends the season with a Shoshanna who is desperate and depressed. A Shoshanna who doesn’t know how she’s going to deal with her life. We have to wait another year to see how our favorite JAP handles this disruption in her 5-year plan, but until then, we’re going to replay Shoshanna’s greatest hit: “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.” You go Shosh, you go.

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