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/ March 14, 2014
NYU Local’s Crazy Spring Break Plans Will Make You Jealous

Film and television lead us to believe that this coming week will be a time to have a stranger lick whip cream off our bikini bods, get involved with a corn-rowed drug dealer, hang out with Justin and Kelly, and get eaten alive by piranhas, in 3D. It’s the time to get on stage with Jerry Springer in the middle of a beach, and it’s most especially time to participate in a wet T-shirt contest. It’s the time to go wild.

But perhaps your version of “wild” doesn’t equate with MTV’s early 2000s definition of the word. Perhaps your version consists of debriefing from a rough midterm week and reconnecting with your dog back home. Perhaps “wild” to you is never leaving your bed for a whole week. Or maybe “wild” is staying put in New York, because it’s New York. 

Following tradition, we asked our Local writers what their plans are for Spring Break. And if their vast array of plans tells us anything, it’s that there is no wrong way to do Spring Break and there is certainly no absolute definition of “wild.”

Jorge Morillo: “Bed.”

Ava Kiai: “Heading to Milan then road-tripping to Florence, Siena and Rome, then back up to Cinque Terre. Then might be hiking through Croatia to Greece and ending up on an island — Ios? Going to have Italian minstrel songs on repeat all throughout trip. ”

Caleb Savage: “I’m going on a road trip to Montreal with like 6 people to enjoy the beverages and freeze my ass off. Planning to bring at least 4 cameras. I like cameras.”

David Zumwalt: “Going to New Orleans because bourbon on the street.”

Helen Holmes: “My best friend from high school and I found a shady internet deal that was only available until midnight, so now we’re going to Disney World for three days!”

Sophie Kleeman: “Working and feeding my cats.”

Elizabeth Rauner: “Hanging out with my mom.”

Hannah Armour: “Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Milan, and Venice. Get at me bros.”

Vince Kiernan: “I will be sitting in my suburban household watching house of cards and applying for summer internships.”

Julia Berke: “Going to be hyperventilating in St. Louis while visiting my brother at Wash U. because my colloquium is in two weeks and everything is a nightmare.”

Kyla Bills: “I’m going home and it’s supposed to snow all week…”

Hannah Horenstein: “Santorini, Milan, and Cinque Terre… What up, study abroad? (Additional plans: rapidly becoming very poor.)”

Julia Wang: “Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik”

Dana Daniels: “I’m gonna go home, have a nice cry, carry dog treats around in my pockets so my dogs will follow me everywhere and I will feel popular, and then ignore all the people I promised I’d ‘totally hang out with’ over spring break.”

Katya Simkhovich: “Savannah, Georgia because apparently St. Patricks day is a big deal there and they have a huge parade and because drinking. Also gonna eat all the things.”

Kelly Weill: “Palette Town, Veridian City, Lavender Town.”

Amanda McLoughlin: “Camping out at Bobst to finish my senior thesis. Estimating ~25 cups of coffee.”

Ari Liptsitz: “Staying in the city, catching up on work, playing outside.”

Julia Musto: “I’m going to live with hobbits.”

Claire Voon: “Quality bonding time with my mom in London. We plan on drinking a lot of tea and seeing enough art to melt our minds, but I hope she’s ready for all the anatomical museums/weird places I plan on dragging her to. (I’m actually so excited for dead things gonna pee my pants omg.)”

So go. Be free. Be “wild.” And do whatever the hell you feel like you doing. 

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