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/ March 3, 2014
Local Stops: James Franco, James Franco, James Franco ::Bloody Franco Appears In Mirror::

Coldplay’s new single is out, and Consequence of Sound describes it as “Chris Martin drinking a venti, no-whip Skinny Vanilla Latte on a Sunday afternoon.” In other words, COLDPLAY BACK.

Liza Minnelli tried to get into Ellen’s record-breaking Oscar selfie. Liza Minnelli couldn’t make it. Height-challenged humans everywhere weep in pained understanding.

James Franco is holding FrancoFest.

The quite large American football performer Robert Gronkowski is a very large specimen of human. The tiny dog he is holding in his hands is a teensy tiny specimen of canine. The contrast is adorable.

Back in 1853, the New York Times wrote about the kidnapping of 12 Years a Slave protagonist Solomon Northrup.