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/ February 28, 2014
NYU’s Violet 100 Increases Size And Scope, Sees More Interest From Students

As the posters in nearly every NYU elevator bank, dining hall napkin holder, and bathroom have announced, next week NYU will be celebrating its third annual spirit week, Violet 100. But what exactly is a spirit week at a school widely considered spiritless?

Mariam Ehrari, chair of the Student Senators Council and one of the founders of Violet 100, has been involved in the planning of this week since the very beginning. Although acknowledging the lack of typical college spirit at NYU, she hopes that students will come out and show their pride throughout the week. “I think we care about NYU but we’re too cool to show it,” said Ehrari. “No one wants to be the one to show it because then you’re not cool anymore.”

However, this trend of students not participating in NYU-run events is possibly coming to an end. The Violet Ball, a dance in the Bobst atrium and one of the most popular events of the week, sold out in record time this year. While many students, especially seniors, are upset they weren’t able to get tickets, Ehrari is excited about the event’s overwhelming popularity, joking that “this just means we need to find a bigger library not just for studying but also for partying.”

In addition to the Violet Ball on Saturday night, every day of the week will feature a different event. The week kicks off with the All-University Games on Monday and ends Sunday with a brunch raising money for the 1831 fund for financial aid. Other events going on throughout the week include the Ultra Violet Live talent show, a blood drive in Kimmel, a TedXNYU event, and newest to the list, a concert at the Highline Ballroom.

The concert features Marnie Stern, Deerhunter, and NYU Junior Kiah Victoria. “I think everyone would say the Violet Ball is the event they’re looking forward to most because it’s sold out, but I might say the concert,” said Ehrari. “It’s very unique and we have a whole venue just for NYU students, so I hope to see students branch out of their comfort zones and leave Washington Square to see that.”

Organizing new events and upholding the traditional ones has required a lot of work from a number of people. A variety of student government groups have been working on putting all the events together, some even planning over the summer.

Although this week may not be of interest to everyone, it gives students looking to celebrate their school spirit a chance to do so. “This is what’s great about NYU,” said Ehari. “The spirit is there if you want it but it’s not if you don’t.”

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