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/ February 26, 2014
Best Dressed: Bobst After Midnight

Street style is a huge part of the fashion world today, and NYU apparently has some of the best-dressed students in the country.

To test this theory, NYU Local is releasing the first installment of our new photography series, Best Dressed. Since it’s midterm season, our inaugural post checks out the style of some students working hard at Bobst after 12 a.m. At any other university, one may expect to find students wearing sweatpants or pajamas at the library at this time of the night, but we found six students wearing practically the opposite of that. Check out their outfits and how each person would describe his or her personal style.

Left: Justin Marin, College of Nursing: “I get ideas from GQ and assorted Tumblrs, but if I see something I like, I’ll take it.”

Right: Julia Tchen, College of Nursing: “Look better, feel better.”

Sami Cavestani, Liberal Studies: “Chic grandma, but not a total grandma.”

Bridgitte Berman, Gallatin, concentrating in Storytelling and Shifting Perspectives: “Edgy/late-night-to-morning Bobst-wear; How can I look put together in the morning if I have to run to class?”

Paris-Marcel M., Tisch: “A little bit of everything. You never know what I might wear. Might be a trash bag.”

Hannah Baek, CAS: “Colorful, comfortable, and quirky.”

It’s time to strengthen your fashion game, guys; Local’s on the lookout for you stylish students.

[Main image via; remaining images via author]