Soundtracks To Get You Through Finals Week

If there’s such a thing as a bright side to the finals week madness, it has to be study routines. Everyone a lucky sweatshirt, a ritual coffee order, or a preferred study position. But how about go-to study music? Whether you’re drilling flashcards for your orgo exam or desperately stretching your 12-page draft into a 15-page paper, these perfect study tunes are sure to get you through the next few days.

Study Mixes

Search for “study mix” or “finals mix” on sites like Spotify8tracks, and tumblr for a host of great user-compiled playlists. Check out “Get Your Stuff Done“ and “Finals are Coming,” both of which have motivated many a Bobst session so far this semester.

Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks are classic study aides. The soundtrack to The Social Network by Trent Reznor is a personal favorite, but others swear by soundtracks for The Piano (soothing), Juno (indie), Conan the Barbarian (intense).

Video Game Soundtracks

It’s not an obvious choice, but the soundtracks of games like Quake, Doom, and Fallout are perfect for background noise while studying or working on papers. This YouTube channel has dozens of videos with over 6 million combined views. Choose a familiar favorite or a new and interesting soundtrack, but either way, enjoy the classic tunes of Super Mario 64 embedded above.



Albums’ 45-60 minute lengths are just long enough to get you through to your next break. Depending on the kind of studier you are, select an album that will drown out background noise but not distract you. Instrumental albums offer soothing tones, so check out Explosions in the Sky’s How Strange, Innocence, and albums in other languages like Geoffrey Gurrumul Yurupingu’s Gurrumul and Rrakala. Live albums work well, since they are often continuous and won’t draw your attention to breaks between tracks. Go-to live albums include Liver! Lung! FR (Live) by Frightened Rabbit,  The Concert in Central Park by Simon & Garfunkel, and The Central Park Concert by Dave Matthews Band (shut up, it was a great show).

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  • Larry Miller
    December 17, 2013

    Also check out Focus@Will. Perfect for studying for finals — or grading them.

  • Jessica spencer
    December 17, 2013

    After reading this I set my pandora station to Trent reznor and atticus ross. This is great music; nice tip.

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