[PHOTOS] NYU Bands Kill It At Brooklyn’s Muchmore’s Venue

On Friday night, a hundred or so NYU students packed into a small venue off of the Bedford stop on the L train. Muchmore’s, which looks like an illustrator’s dream garage-bar combo, acted as a stomping ground for the evening as NYU student bands jammed out alongside their drunk classmates. The only rule for the night was simple: “no cover songs.”

More photos after the jump. 

Modern Diet’s lead singer Jake Cheriff jazzes up the crowd with an energetic beat.

With Snack’s Evan Lane blasting a killer tune with his trumpet.

Bernardo “Nardo” Ochoa showing off his angel-like voice for the crowd’s enjoyment.

The Indecent’s Emily Brout’s vocal range blew everyone’s mind.

The Roofer’s Union’s Travis Tyge and Artur Szerejko calm the audience down before “melting” the airwaves with their melodic tunes.

[Photos by author]


  • Brandron Rowan
    December 10, 2013

    whos that hottie @n the last pic w/ the beeny + red shirt mmmm

  • Emily Brout
    December 10, 2013

    Hell yeah these pic’s are great!

  • Andrew Olshevski
    December 17, 2013

    amped to see nyu bands are still holding it down. nice photos/coverage, local :)

    ps but wheres the video at? :3

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