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/ November 26, 2013
Now Kiss: Frances and Jeff – It’s A Small Borough After All

Welcome back to Now Kiss, NYU Local’s blind date series that helps students find love at a “campus-less” school. Last time, we brought together writers Kelly and Ethan, who walked away from their date with positive feelings. This week, we matched up Frances and Jeff. In a bizarre coincidence, Frances happened to be…involved with Jeff’s roommate. Kinship ensued.

The match:

Frances, a sophomore in CAS, says her favorite Disney princess is Tarzan. Her hypothetical rap name is Carrot Styx.

Jeff, a sophomore in Tisch, is a musician who loves B-rated movies. John Cusack would play him on the big screen

The date: Originally planned at Veselka’s, but turned out to be at the Knitting Factory.

The motivations:

Frances: One of my friends did it and didn’t have a horrifying time / she wasn’t roofied, so I mean why not. At the very least I’ll have a good story to tell my grandchildren about how I met their grandfather.

Jeff: I didn’t choose to sign up for a blind date, the blind date chose to sign up for me! But mostly, the decision came from the loss of a bet I made with my roommate, and because why not, ya know?

The preparations:

Frances: I got a last-minute work assignment from my internship and had to cancel dinner, so I was feeling very hungry and wan. We decided to meet at a concert instead. Jammed out 2 Vivaldi while I was putting on my eyeliner sonnnn.

Jeff: I took a steamy shower and popped a few xannys to alleviate my creepy crawly jitters.

The first impressions:

Frances: My date was foxy! I appreciated his sweater and jacket combination and facial hair. I recognized him from when I had run into him in his common room while I wasn’t wearing pants [“Tambourine” by Eve plays]. Probably should have been more embarrassed, but welcome to #college.

Jeff: My first thought was, “I think I know this lady from somewhere,” but I couldn’t place where exactly. She seemed chill and donned a bitchin’ leather jacket studded with some stars on the shoulders, which I particularly dug. Anywho, after a while of conversation, turns out we had crossed paths about a few week prior in my own dorm room. She’s been diddling around with one of my suite mates, and it’s ironic because earlier that week, we had both mentioned to each other that we procured a phone number from our respective biddies. Same girl, though!

The realizations:

Frances: Right off the bat things were sitcom-y. We bonded over the fact that we were both diggin’ on other people over Momofuku cookies and sweet iced tea. He has a tendency to linger in doorways and was a little stiff initially, but I tend to thrive when given the opportunity to fill silences.

Jeff: I actually couldn’t have been more down with how it all shook out. We both have other pursuits that we lacked before we signed up for this nonsense, and so, twas nice just to meet a new friend. I am arguably the worst person you wanna go on a first date with, primarily because I am taciturn as fuuuuck, which isn’t the most beneficial quality when trying to engage in small talk, so the fact the neither of us were all the interested in one another certainly lightened the mood.

Getting into the meat of the date:

Frances: He has two sisters (I have one! halfway there) and agrees that Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde is the worst movie ever filmed. We bonded over our propensity for grooooovin’. He also isn’t weird about tea-sharing which I totally respect; people who freak out about a little spit are dumb babies.

Jeff: We both share similar opinions on Will Smith and dancing: wholesome rap and getting your jiggy on are widely undervalued.

Frances: I dipped out early — the band wasn’t really my jam and there was a partay I wanted to hit up! I invited him to tag along but he wanted to stick it out for his band, which was pretty cool. I love going out alone so it was refreshing to meet someone who is comfortable with doing the same.

Jeff: The end was kinda strange, though a very mutual kinda strange at the same time. At one point during the concert, she left for where I assumed to be the bathroom, though returned after 15 minutes, bearing news that she was bouncing for a party thang back in Manhattan. She invited me, but my priorities rested with my 9th grade self’s favorite band, so I stayed. We engaged in some sort of four handed handshake goodbye, and she went her own way. I don’t necessarily have any plans to call her up, but I am sure I’ll see her around the dorm.

Frances: This whole experience was fucking hilarious.

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