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/ November 18, 2013
From Footjobs To Toe-Sucking: An Interview With The Foot Fetish King Of New York

Everyone has his or her own idiosyncrasies when it comes to sex, and for some, it’s all about the feet.

A 33-year-old photographer and audio engineer from Queens who refers to himself as the “Foot Fetish King” is currently searching for NYU students to reach out to him and participate in his foot fetish videos, which–naturally–star him and his member. (Foot fetishism, which is an intense sexual fascination with feet, involves deriving pleasure from everything from footjobs to toe-sucking to giving massages.)

He works under the pseudonym “Mike Ock” (get it?) to avoid exposure since he is “seriously in the music business.” The King directs and posts videos online, making money whenever someone purchases a clip. A graduate of the New York Film Academy and the Institute of Audio Research, he’s been producing foot fetish videos since 2010, a line of work that he also describes as an art. NYU Local recently met up with him to discuss his specific demand for NYU girls, the industry, and how exactly he got his nickname.

NYU Local: So why are you seeking out NYU students in particular?

The Foot Fetish King: A lot of people at NYU come to New York because they want different experiences. They want to leave their house and explore their selves. They don’t want to be closed in. College girls like to have fun, and my site is all about feet and it’s safe sex. It’s not nothing that’s crazy. It might lead to something that’s crazy. You never know. I call for NYU girls because I know you like to have fun. And my mother worked for NYU for 20 years. With NYU girls in particular, it’s because they’re college students. Some of them want to be lawyers, some of them want to be doctors, some of them have money, the majority of them are not poor, and I don’t deal with poor people. I’m poor, though. But at the end of the day, NYU is so big and…there are so many freaks in the Village. Everybody here is a freak.

How did you get into the industry?

Well, I got into it because when I was younger — I’m about to spill my beans onto you — I had a babysitter, and I had a crush on her… and she used to play with my dick with her feet. She was already 20, and I was a baby. Everybody tells me that’s child pornography, child molestation, who cares, I loved it, whatever. I’m happy she did it, I love her for that. She realized that was the only thing that could keep me sane, that could keep me happy. That’s how I got into it.

Tell me about your name. It’s a bold claim.

I’m the king of New York. You’ve got other kings out there. You’ve got the king of Detroit. I know them. There’s a female named Amber Good from Detroit, she’s the Queen. But she’s the Detroit Queen. She’s not an international Queen. I’m international. I’m the king of New York, but I’m international. You want to see what makes me the king? Let me get my laptop and show you something.

But we’re sitting in the laptop free zone.

[Pulls up his videos of foot-licking, footjobs and scenes showing more than you’d ever like to know about feet]. See that?

Um, okay, I see why you’re the king.

I got my king status because I met somebody that appreciated what I was doing, and we went above and beyond with it. We were making videos and living in Central Park, and eventually we moved out of the apartment and bought a house with them. I made money doing this, I pay my bills doing this. This month, I made maybe $4, which is below average. Last month I made a couple of hundreds. I made $1800 one time. [At one point] there was so much money coming in. I enjoy doing this, but sometimes I didn’t even enjoy it. There were times I was like, “What the hell is going on?” But we were doing it for a reason. If you look at my site, you’ll see there’s a lot of Dimond, because she appreciates my fetish. She’s not just doing it to do it. Koko, she did it to do it. I didn’t even like her.

Have you received responses from NYU students?

Yes. And I’ve gotten in touch with them. This video here came from NYU. That’s me there. You can tell that I’m not enjoying it. This [other video] is the last person from NYU. My idea was the colorful toes. My idea was the penis. I think it can make money.

And what do girls get in return?

It all depends. If you look at my site, you’ll see that I have 10, 20 clips of somebody. It’s because we were in a relationship, we were doing it to keep it going. If it’s a girl that’s like, “Yo, I just want to get paid,” then fine, you’ll get paid. You can make anywhere from $100 an hour and up and up and up. But if I pay somebody, I’ll never work with them again because I look at the future. I’m a fortune teller. If there’s a connection, you can make more money. It’s true too that I’ll rub her back and feet for free.

So if you’re paying the girls in return for sexual favors, what makes this different from prostitution?

It’s not prostitution. If a girl asks me to pay her I usually won’t use them. It’s about the art of recording the videos. I don’t do prostitution. Prostitution is more a female in the streets and online asking for money for sex acts. I promote feet. Not sex. Now there are people who pay for feet, pussy, ass, etc… But I don’t have to. The only time I ask for money is if you buy my video. I would never put girls out there like that. I don’t sell woman, I sell feet porn.

Do you look for experienced participants?

Experience does not matter. With me, I like whatever comes out. I look at my business from a fan’s view. I don’t look at it like I’m the CEO. At the end of the day it’s not even about me. It’s my idea, but you’re the star. Whatever you do is what’s going to make this film. The funny thing is, if you don’t excite me, you might excite your boyfriend. You might excite the next person you do it with. After you meet me, you’re going to do this. You’re going to try it on people.

Describe your perfect pair of feet.

Asian. Beautiful manicure. Feet have to have at least a little pink or red spot somewhere on them. Like if I suck them, and they just turn red… If you take care of your feet as you would in the summer, those are perfect feet to me. And I like feet that’s always on me.

And there you have it, folks. If you ever come across someone asking to pretty please see your feet, it might just be this guy. You’ve been warned.

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